Skin Factory: Skinframe Mild Real Very Foam (Facial Cleanser for Woman)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is it:

This Anti-oxidant enriched, foaming facial cleanser is formulated to eliminate impurities, excess oil and dirt effectively from the skin's surface.

With Blueberry's extract, Potulaca Oleracae L.Extract, and Cellplus+, our gentle formula maintains your skin's moisture barrier and to keep your skin bright after washing. With daily facial cleansing, your face will have a lasting clean, crisp feeling.

My thoughts:

When I first squeezed the cleanser out from the tube, I was thinking, "Oh, this is a cream-based cleanser" judging from the look of it.

However, when I lather it with my face wash net, the consistency of it felt more like gel-form. Somehow, this cleanser reminds me of Kracie Purenavi Foamy Beauty Essence Gel Facial Cleanser which is one of my HG that I have mentioned before in my blog.

I must say that this cleanser foams and cleanse my skin rather well. My face feels very clean yet not stripped of its natural oil after using it. And best of all, it doesn't make my skin feel tight. I don't know about you but I hate cleansers or toner that makes my face feel tight after using it. Most of the time, its caused by products containing alcohol. Not to forget that its fragrance/scent-free!

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: Products were provided by BeautyFinest for review purposes.

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