May 27, 2015

What do Employers look for during Interviews |

When I was schooling, even though I don't work during the school term, I made it a point to work part-time during school vacations to gain some industry experience. Often, I would look for part-time jobs in Singapore via job portals online using keywords such as "part time jobs singapore" or "part time jobs for students" and that included mass sending of emails, more than 30 of them on average before securing a part-time job of my choice. Very often, it would be either a promoter position in a departmental store, administrative assistant position or roadshow promoter position that pay ranging from $5-$10 an hour.

part time jobs singapore

Finding a part-time job is now much made easier with the portal with 3 easy steps - create an account, log on to the portal and start applying for your preferred part time job.

May 24, 2015

Spring & Summer | Where to chill in Bangkok

spring & summer bangkok thailand review (1)

Spring & Summer in Bangkok? We are not talking about different seasons in Bangkok but a grassy compound actor-owned restaurant in Phrom Phong. When I first read about Spring & Summer in a Taiwan travel blog while doing research for my Bangkok trip, I knew I have to add it to my itinerary and check it out myself in person.  

May 19, 2015

Divinia HA Triple Hydration Aqua Deep Cream Gel review

divinia ha triple hydration multifunctional repairing cream

What is it:

This creamy, yet lightweight and non-greasy gel is specially added with 30x moisturising Rose Water which helps instantly reduce skin dryness and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it firmer, more elastic and more supply after use.

May 03, 2015

Active Hive Minus Calories 30 minute workout

active hive 30 minutes workout

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle with the typical excuse being the fact that we do not have time to work out due to work and other personal commitments. 

When I first got to know about Active Hive Minus Calories 30 minutes workout, I was eager to try it out for myself to see how I would benefit from it. I mean, its a mere 30 minutes workout which fits perfectly into my busy schedule. Plus, I have been trying to shed some extra pounds I have gained from the past few months. 

May 02, 2015

Le Spa - 24 hours massage

le spa review

Located at Chun Tin road amidst of popular supper spots, one is unlikely to miss Le Spa as you head to your favourite supper place from the carpark. 

I used to frequent Chun Tin road after school to satisfy my Indian food craving. They have got the best prata, murtabak and mee goreng in the area! Just a few months ago, my significant other and I went there for supper. The Teochew porridge that he brought me to was quite good!

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