May 22, 2016

Dazzling DnD manicure and timeless pedicure by Bejeweled Nails

bejeweled nails breadtalk ihq

Two weeks ago, it was my company's DnD and the theme was After Hours - Let the party begin! A couple of days prior to the event, I did what we girls do best - to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure at Bejeweled Nails!

April 21, 2016

Rose & Co from UK now available in Singapore!

Founded by mother and daughter, Patricia and Caroline Rose restored a Victorian chemist shop in the Yorkshire village of Haworth into a charming apothecary, Rose & Co.
Hailed from Britain, Rose & Co products are made using locally-sourced, quality ingredients by British suppliers and manufacturers. Many products are still made with traditional, handmade methods. The inspiration behind Rose and Co is all things beautiful and vintage.

April 03, 2016

Restore your Crowning Glory with Yves Rocher Hair Care

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo Delicate Cleansing Cream Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar Yves Rocher Exceptional Hair Serum

Let's face it - for us ladies, it is a constant battle with bad hair days. From taming that frizz to adding more volume to your hair, the list almost never ends. 

Read on to find out more about how I restored my crowing glory with Yves Rocher Hair Care products including Yves Rocher Low Shampoo Delicate Cleansing Cream, Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar and Yves Rocher Exceptional Hair Serum!

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