July 22, 2014

Lush Aesthetics Fat Freezing for Stubborn Fat review

lush aesthetics fat freezing 1

A week ago, I went for a fat freezing session over at Lush Aesthetics located at Tanglin Shopping Centre. For those of you whom are following me on Instagram, you would probably have seen a not-so-flattering picture of my humongous thigh.

July 20, 2014

World's first Starbucks Bing Sutt at Duddell Street | 星巴克冰室, 香港中環都爹利街

starbucks duddell street bing sutt

Step back in time when you step into Duddell Street Starbucks.

Duddell Street Starbucks in Central, Hong Kong is the World’s first-ever Starbucks store to incorporate a BING SUTT (冰室) corner - fusing together a nostalgic retro style with a contemporary coffeehouse design. Partnering Hong Kong lifestyle brand G.O.D., the corner of the Duddell Street Starbucks was transformed into a “BING SUTT” with decorations and traits to blend the Hong Kong style from the ‘50s through the ‘70s with today’s sensibilities.

When I first read about Duddell Street Starbucks online, I knew I had to check it out in person the next time I visit Hong Kong and true enough, I did during my trip to Hong Kong last November. 

July 17, 2014

MatchMove Wallet: Safe, easy and fast way to shop online


With technological advancements, consumers are getting more and more products and services via online shopping. Personally, I purchase clothes, makeup, gifts and book my flight, hotel and movie tickets online.

Sometime ago, I tasked my 20-year-old cousin, Elvin to get movie tickets on my behalf as we had plans to catch Spiderman together with Ebony so I took a photo of my credit card and whatsapp-ed him followed by sending him the CCV. Thinking back, I felt so silly. Although it was very convenient for me and Elvin, what if either of us lose our phone? Or had the data in our phones stolen? This would meant access to my credit card details!

If you find yourself in a similiar situation as me, you need not worry anymore because.. there's MatchMove Wallet, a globally recognized mobile eWallet that aims to provide safe, easy and fast online shopping experience for consumers.

July 13, 2014

宜蘭羅東民宿 盛軒莊 | Yilan Luodong Minsu Experience

taiwan yilan luodong minsu

Minsu 民宿, also known as bed & breakfast (b&b) or homestay is an unique accomodation alternative to the conventional hotels in Taiwan. What makes Minsu a popular choice for tourists is that they often have specific theme to it such as the Mediterranean Sea or English Cottage.

Aside from that, you get to interact closely with hospitable Minsu owners. Since they are locals, it makes it ideal to ask them for recommendations on the must-try food and must-go places in the area.

When my family and I were planning a trip to Taiwan last year, we thought why not give Minsu a try just so we could immerse ourselves in the friendly Taiwanese culture.

July 07, 2014

iPrice: Better savings = more shopping


Shopaholics alert! Smart consumers whom want every penny's worth, you will be happy to find that iPrice Shop houses many different brands. What's more, it compares the prices for you to score the best deal. Plus, the stores featured on iPrice Shop ships to Singapore!

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