April 15, 2014

SK-II Festive Aura Set review

skii festive aura set review

SK-II Festive Aura Set consists of the following: 

- Limited edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
- SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX
- SK-II Whitening Source Revival Mask

If you have been following SweetestSins, you would have read my reviews on SK-II products and know how much I love this brand. 

To cut to the chase, I have reviewed SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as well as SK-II Cellumination Essence EX previously. Today, I'm going to share my thoughts with you on SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX and SK-II Whitening Source Revival Mask.

April 09, 2014

Neon Rainbow Aztec Print Gellyfit Nails by Nailz Treats, Bedok Mall

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit review

Although this is not my first time getting my nails done at Nailz Treats, I must say that I never fail to get wowed by something new each time I'm there for they always stock the latest OPI collection and this time round, they brought in GellyFit, a gel nail polish by Sizuka Korea.

April 08, 2014

Tim Ho Wan: Is it worth the hype?

tim ho wan singapore review

You probably have walked past it countless times, often greeted by an almost never-ending long queue which makes dining there almost impossible or had your Instagram and Facebook feed spammed with photos of it.

Yes, I am talking about the world's cheapest 1 Michelin Star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan aka the Dim Sum Specialist.

April 07, 2014

Bellabox February 2014: Chinese New Year Beauty Packet

bellabox february 2014 chinese new year beauty packet

I know this post is long overdue but I really want to share my thoughts on one of the most-talked about hair product online - Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. Beauty gurus from all over love it and some even claimed that it makes their hair stronger, grow out faster and make it more volumimous. Of course, I had to try it out myself to see if it lives up to its hype.  

March 31, 2014

NEW HOT Reality Show, Fit for Fashion | when fitness meets fashion

For many of us, keeping fit probably won't be at the top of our priority list. In fact, it wasn't until last year that I got into keeping fit, thanks to my gym sponsor. I was always the big girl or fat girl you see down the school corridor or on the streets.

Prior to gym-ing, my weight fluctuates a lot from 57kg - 64kg although I exercise once a week. Just last year, at my heaviest, I weighed 62kg in July. As I was going to be my cousin's bridesmaid in October, I wanted to shed some pounds so that I could better fit into the lycra convertible dress that she got for us.
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