Loccitane: Wild Rose Collection

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eau de toilette 


What is it:

Like a bouquet of freshly picked wild flowers, the Rose des Champs Eau de Toiletee is a green floral fragrance.

Top notes
Like a stroll through the fields of Provence, the first steps reveal green notes of fresh grass, accompanied by a dash of lemon and pear.

Heart notes
In the middle of the fields, a wild rose blends harmoniously with small meadow flowers, in a floral display bursting with color.

Base notes
Soft and lingering notes of cedar and tonka bean lie at the end of this pastoral journey.

My thoughts:

I thought that this scent wouldn't differ too much from Pivoine Délicate Eau de Toilette but boy, I was wrong. I had it on this morning and I sprayed a bit more than usual because I wanted the scent to last longer. On my way out, I thought that I smelled something citrus. To confirm my suspicion, I read through the press release and indeed there's lemon as one of the top notes. I really like this perfume. Its floral without being too overly feminine. I say its definitely my to go perfume for work days or even on casual weekends!

Solid perfume charm 


What is it:

The essence of the Eau de Toilette held in a charmingly decorated tin, allowing you to refresh your scent anytime, anywhere. A limited-edition fragrant delight to seize while you can!

My thoughts:

With this, who needs to worry about miniature perfume spilling in our clutches or handbags? Plus the fact that it comes in a balm form makes it so convenient to apply when one is out. 

Silky body gel 


What is it:

Enriched with rose-bush oil, this milky gel moisturises the skin, leaving it silky soft and delicately perfumed.

My thoughts:

At first, I had my reservations about this body gel. I didn't thought that it would live up to its claim of feeling silky upon application.  

Texture-wise, its more runny compared to usual body lotions. It absorbs into the skin rather quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and smelling nice after that. Moisturizing-wise, I think it does a fair job. 

Pearl hand cream 


What is it: 

This cream contains tiny pearls of rose-bush oil, which melt into the skin upon application, for better moisturizer and softly scented hands.

My thoughts:

I think the hand cream needs no further elaboration. My mom, aunt, cousin and myself are all fans of Loccitane hand cream. Though I have yet to try this out but I'm sure it won't disappoint me. 

Price list 

Eau de Toilette 75ml $78
Solid Perfume Charm 7g $22
Silky Body Gel 250ml $48
Pearl Hand Cream 30ml $15.50

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for consideration.

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