Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream and Lavender Rejuvenating Gel review

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

napiers herbal age defiance corrective skin cream and lavender rejuvenating gel

Napiers motto:

Tried, Tested and Trusted

For those of you whom are not familiar with Napiers, the history of Napiers date back to 1860 where the brand was created by Duncan Napier, an eminent Victorian herbalist and botanist. It all started when he was working as a baker apprentice and he had a cough triggered by flour dust which he could not shake off. Besides, it was Duncan's dream to provide an affordable choice of natural health care for all and this led to his brainchild, Napiers natural products (made in Britain). Apart from having 152 years of expertise, Napiers also have their own clinic in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Leigh!

Napiers formulas are:

- Fast-acting and effective
- High 'practitioner' strength
- Holistic combination blends
- Formulated by herbalists
- Used for generations  

Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel and Napiers Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream. Make sure you stay till the end of the post because there will be a promo code which you can enjoy fabulous discounts!

Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel

napiers herbalavender rejuvenating gel

napiers herbal lavender rejuvenating gel swatch

What is it:

Good for all skin types, especially suitable for dry, sensitive or irritated skin and to cool down hot, summer skin.

Naturally hydrating, keeps skin moisturised without stickiness or heaviness. Lavender is combined with Chamomile for its soothing, calming effect, Comfrey for its regenerative effect on skin cells and Ginseng to provides protection from ageing free radicals to leave your skin calm, moisturised and glowing.


Apply to the temples to help relieve tension and relax during stressful moments and before sleep. 

My thoughts:

We all lead a hectic life, don't we? I dare say 9 out of 10 of us do especially after entering the workforce. Apart from work, we have got other commitments like family, gym, events and gathering with friends. I try to strike a balance by practicing yoga as well as having some alone time. I remember when I was a little girl, whenever I said that I can't sleep, Daddy would spray this Lavender linen mist on my pillow and he said that it helps to relax one's mind.

Whenever I feel stressed or had a long day at work, I will squeeze Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel from the tube onto my palms, hold my palms close to my nose and inhale about 3 times to calm my senses before applying it onto my temples. I find that it helps me to relax and sets me in the right mood for my yoga practice. Apart from that, I usually apply Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel on my arms and legs after showering at night. Upon application, you will feel a cooling sensation which makes it perfect for the humid weather in Singapore. I think it would be ideal especially after swimming, a day at the beach or even to cool down your body temperature on a warm night.

If you were to touch your skin right after applying Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel, it may feel a little sticky, not to worry though because once it fully absorbs into your skin, it isn't sticky at all and in fact, it makes your skin feel very smooth!

I like how gentle it is that I can apply it over the cut that I have on my elbow and yet it doesn't sting. 

In terms of scent, Napiers Lavender Rejuvenating Gel has a light lavender scent that isn't too overpowering. The scent is more detectable when it is freshly squeezed out from the tube and during application. It becomes a little faint after a while. Hence, I think that this would suit my Aunt as she is a fan of lavender scent but my Uncle can't stand the scent of lavender.  

Napiers Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream

napiers herbal age defiance corrective skin cream

napiers herbal age defiance corrective skin cream swatch

What is it:

Traditionally used for shrinking and removing skin tags, fading age spots, unusual skin marks, freckles or sun spots, reducing signs of sun damage and evening out skin pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, particularly maturing, ageing skin. Can be used as a daily moisturizer.

- Sweet Almond and Coconut oils: easily absorbed by the skin
- Chamomile and Chickweed extracts: soothing and calming
- Lemon essential oil: tone, lighten and brighten skin
- Rose geranium oil: revitalise maturing skin

Can be used on the face, neck, hands and body. 

My thoughts:

Although it states that Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream can be used on the hands, neck and face, I use it primarily as a hand cream.

I never really started using hand cream on a daily basis until I started working. In fact, I didn't see the need to. But now, I have grown so accustomed to applying and reapplying hand cream each time after I wash my hands. Okay, maybe it is also due to the fact that my hands tend to get dry easily nowadays due to the fact that I stay in air-conditioned environment for at least 8 hours from Monday to Friday. Furthermore, hands reveal a person's true age. I remember my Visual Merchandising lecturer commenting on my hands when I was still in Poly. He was like, "Patricia, if I just saw your hands and not your face, I would have thought its an old lady's." The skin on my fingers are really wrinkled if you see the picture below.  


Well, because.. I'm not the grandma working in the sake brewery (酿酒婆婆). You will understand what I meant if you have watched SKII Facial Treatment Essence's ad before. Apparently, most of the elderly workers in the sake brewery have extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands due to constant contact with the sake fermentation process.

As how my Mom puts it, "I have no idea why your hands are so rough even though you don't really come into contact with chemicals or detergent. And its weird because your hands are a little rough since you were young." I must justify that I do help with housework in case you guys think I don't.

Thus, regular hand creams don't really work for me. I need those that are thicker in terms of texture.

Let's see how does Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream compare to regular hand creams in the market. Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream is richer in terms of texture as compared to regular hand creams.

In terms of scent, I think it smells rather citrusy while my cousin said that it smells very much like Bandung (rose syrup) and my colleague commented that it smell almond milk. The reason being -  Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream contains rose oil, almond oil and lemon oil.

Beauty tip: Apply hand cream to cuticles too for better and healthier-looking nails!

After applying Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream, my hands feel softer, smoother to touch.

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading.



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