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Sunday, March 11, 2012

If you haven't already know about BeautyAsia, it is only open to beauty and wellness trade professionals.

Like last year, I was invited to BeautyAsia and I was given a media pass. However, as I was preoccupied with work commitments as well as family commitments on the first and second day of Beautyasia, I only went over on the third, which is also the last day of BeautyAsia during lunch time. Did I mentioned how excited the ladies over at my office were when I told them that I could bring a friend along?

The first booth that I stopped by was - Girlee Cosmetics.

They remind me very much of NYX Cosmetics, which is one of my favourite because its really value for money.

They also had myipalette which is similiar to Z Palette and it comes in 3 different designs!

I really like the translucent pressed powder (see top left corner of the picture above), it was mad cheap btw but I didn't get it in the end because they don't sell just the pan alone and they said that I will have to buy myipalette along with the pressed powder which I didn't want to because - I'm not a makeup artist and I don't think that I will ever use the palette. My colleague, Kristina kept pulling me away because she said that even if I like the powder, I might not be able to get it again so might as well don't get it.

What I found interesting was that they had these glitter pigments and by adding some of the medium, it increases the intensity of the glitter and that you could use them as eyeliners!

Swatches of the glitter pigments mixed with the medium!

They look so pretty, don't they? (;

The next booth that we were at was Shizens, it is also where Kristina succumbed to temptation and bought not one but three sets! Each set contains a Shizens Eye Charm Lash Extender, Shizens mascara and a solvent that could rectify mascara that has dried up. Each set is $90! Its not that cheap!

Here's Kristina trying on the mascara happily!

Shizens Eye Charm Lash Extender reminds me very much of my Beautify Transplanting gel and natural fibre that my Aunt got for me.

While Kristina was trying out her mascara, I went over to Zenon Corporation booth that was just beside it.

They have got so many different nail stickers that works like Minx, except that you could do it yourself!

There were so many girly designs and you bet that I had a hard time choosing from the designs! It was also here that I bumped into Marine. She was also buying lots of nail stickers.

The next booth that we went to was Yuko/Phiten.

Don't the poster above looks familiar? Yes, its Yuko Yamashita for Sunsilk!

Guess who I saw at the booth itself? Its the hair maestro, Yuko Yamashita herself!

She's really sweet and very humble I would say. And she doesn't even look like she's 60+! I wonder how she maintains her youth!

When I told her that my hair is very dry, especially at the ends, she said that my hair isn't very dry and that the condition of my hair is quite good already. She did give me some tips on shampooing my hair. She said that -

"When washing your hair, use the bubbles/foam to wash your hair but try not to use too much strength, only gently massage the scalp."

Am very honoured to meet Yuko Yamashita in person. She's really cute, she keeps saying that I'm very charming because I have got dimples. I was like, "No, you're very elegant and pretty!" Haha. That's what happens when you put a Japanese and Chinese together because both of them will be humble.

Next, we headed over to Flenco. I was told that this is a Singapore brand.

The lady over at the booth tried this Lemongrass Dead Sea Body Scrub on me and it softens my skin instantly, especially at the elbows! It feels rather relaxing too.

Couldn't help but to take pictures of these heels because they reminds me so much of Gossip Girl - Serena and Blair (especially Blair's hair fascinators)!

Also spotted some Nfu-oh nail polishes but the colors weren't really exciting.

After walking around, I finally spotted All-Belle lashes! Its one of the booth that I really wanted to check out.

All of All Belle's lashes are very pretty, most of them are very voluminous. I was rather tempted to get them but the minimum quantity is 3 boxes for $100. Its not that expensive if you were to compare them with Dolly Wink lashes but I can't bear to part with $100 at one go so I decided to give it a miss instead.

Saw Misa nail polishes! Only grabbed a bottle of nail art polish in silver though.

You might be thinking, "how is it even possible for you to go around Beauty Asia during your lunch hour?" I must confess that I went back again after work with Kristina as well as another colleague of mine, Ruby to walk around as well as to get more things!

Here's my haul from Beauty Asia 2012.

Not everything are for me though!

First up is - Collagen Crystal Facial Mask which my friend, Abigail swears by ever since we got them from Beauty Asia 2011.

Frankly speaking, I don't even know why I ended up buying these sheet masks. Apparently, I wanted to get the cold mask for my Mom and somehow the SA (an auntie) kept telling me how troublesome and inconvenient cold mask is etc and she was so persistent is not wanting to let me get cold mask and she kept promoting these facial sheet masks instead.

Decided to get them anyway because they were like 12 for $24 which works out to 1 for $2. Got the Hyaluronic as well as EGF Collagen ones. I have already gave some away so that explains why there's only 5 in the picture above. I have tried the EGF Collagen mask and its not too bad I would say.

The next item which I got and I find it very interesting is Magic Box Aqua Tint!

Its a lip tint except that it is in the form of a cotton bud and you could apply it conveniently anywhere! Plus, it fits into any makeup pouch without any problem!

The bulk of my money went to nail polish this year.

Haven't tried any of the nail polish brands above before apart from Orly. Oh yes, I finally got China Glaze For Audrey! I have been wanting it for so long but I was lazy to join sprees.

It was so hard to decide on the colors for Zoya nail polishes because all the colors are pretty!

Grabbed nail art pens in silver and gold since they are the most versatile colors that I could use for french tips.

By the way, the nail polishes are really cheap, even cheaper than Sally Hansen over at Watsons Singapore.

China Glaze: $5
Misa nail art pen (striper brush): $5
Zoya: $7
Orly nail art pen (striper brush): $7

And these are the nail stickers that I was referring to earlier. They are so pretty, right?

Check out the fabulous designs! From girlie/sweet to a bit of punk/rock style.

After work, I went back to the same booth where I got the EGF collagen sheet masks to get the cold mask for my Mom. I mean, you people should know how mothers are like when you don't get the specific item for them that they requested for.

Got a box of Natto ampoules too! Just to share, natto has got moisturizing properties.

Only got a box to try out first because I'm not sure if my skin would have any reactions to Natto. The girls around me at the booth then were all grabbing like 5-6 boxes each? That's so crazy isn't it?

Seeing that there were collagen drinks available, I got it anyway for Mom and Aunt since it was very affordable. And if it doesn't work, just take it as drinking fruit juice?

It was mad heavy by the way. I think I carried like two paper bags worth of beauty products home excluding my handbag. Gotta thank Ruby for helping me out with one of the paperbag when we were shopping.

These were gifted to me by Ruby. She got them from Beauty Asia and she said that there were having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion ongoing on.

Gotta saluate her because I have been wanting a nail polish pump bottle since forever but as usual, I am lazy to hunt for one. Thanks Ruby for this!

Hope you all like this post! Thanks for reading!

I gotta sleep soon because I have got to work tomorrow. Take care lovelies!

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