Sunday, December 27, 2009

I cant believe that I just blew $120 on just facial products (cleanser, toner &moisturer) + double eyelid glue. &I was damn excited when I saw eyetalk in TPY's watsons. It sure has be eons since I last seen this brand on the market ever since BasicBeauty folded. Anyway, TPY's watsons is really huge and it contains lots of makeup (esp Japanese brands).

I am still considering whether should I get the lip gloss from bodyshop or majolica majorca. But I still have two lipglosses. AHHHH, but I like variety. I love quantity. I just dont like it when I need something and I dont have it on hand. Especially when I want to use it, then I go like, "Shit, I should have gotten it." LOL. But but but, then again, I seldom use lipgloss though.

I want to get curling iron and hairspray too. And I have just run out of hair removal cream.

So much for being a girl, &the sake of vanity.

Why is it always easier to look back and regret, rather than making things right at the first attempt?

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