Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve was a blast with good food and company. Lots of Baileys, Vodka Vanilla and Moet. We bought for Grandpa a new handphone and it has his favorite song set as his ringtone. Gosh, you should have seen his expression, he was like so so so happy! Got handphone pouches for Dexter &Elvin, Organiser for Priscilla, crystal keychain for Ebony and lipgloss for Lixuan, Libing &Siling. Haha. As for myself, I received a pair of G2000 shorts and makeup palette!!

Its highly pigmented and it has both shimmer and matt eyeshadows. I had wanted the 88 Palette initally but I couldnt make up my mind as to whether I should get it in shimmer or matt. But now I am loving this palette even more! The only downside is that the powder come loose easily and it sort of spills over to the other colors so I must be very careful when handling it.

Sparkling silver French manicure

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