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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello everyone, so as promised, I am gonna post my collective haul (online) in this post. You won't be seeing a lot of items for now because I still have a few items which aren't delivered to Singapore yet.

The first package contains my Sigma brushes. I only got two of them which are Sigma Pencil E30 and Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80.

Sigma Pencil E30

I got this because I wanted a pencil brush. I don't have any pencil brush in my collection you see. And I foresee that this would come in handy when blending out pencil eyeliner, application of color on the crease and outer corners.

I haven't tried this brush at all but it does feel sturdy enough though.

Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F60

I got this because it says that it could be used to apply both liquid and powder foundation. And partly because I loved my Etude House Duo Fiber Brush so much, especially for applying BB Cream or Liquid Foundation.

I have only tried using this brush once so I couldn't really give a comprehensive review of it. But I must say, I liked the fact that its dense enough, yet so soft! I hope it doesn't prick my face like how my Etude House Duo Fiber Brush does at times during application.
Guess what is inside the second package?


Stila travel girl palettes in Pretty in Paris and Road to Radiance across the U.S.A!

The website says that they are limited edition and there are a total of 5 palettes in the collection. I can't wait to collect all!

It fits into my hand so well. Its so compact that it fits into any makeup pouch!

Stila Pretty in Paris

I liked the fact that each palette has got a quote in it and that it also has got a mirror which is great for touch ups outside!

consists of 4 Eyeshadows:

- Crepe (pale pink)
- Cherie (reddish brown)
- Jolie (brownish pink)
- Chocolat (brown)

Convertible Color:
- Rosebud

This palette consists of more neutral colors which are great for neutral looks be it day or night. I gave this to my cousin for she was looking for a eyeshadow palette. I might get this again because it has got Eiffel Tower on it which is my favourite! I love Eiffel Tower!

Stila Road to Radiance across the U.S.A

consists of 4 Eyeshadows:

- Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
- Southern Belle (mauve)
- Valley Girl (pink)
- City Chick (alloy)

Convertible Color:
- Hibiscus

This palette consists of more pinky, girly colors. Of all, my favourite is City Chick which is very much of a plum shade.

And now, the swatches for Stila Road to Radiance across the U.S.A eyeshadows!

From top to bottom:

- Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
- Valley Girl (pink)
- Southern Belle (mauve)
- City Chick (alloy)

I think I might just go ahead and place my order for Stila Pretty in Paris and Stila Make an impression in Moscow (say yes to neutral colors)!

I hope you girlies enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! (:


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