Pre-Birthday Celebration

Friday, June 27, 2008


Our Drinks
(Green Tea, Samurai, Beautiful Lady, Green Tea)

Li Xuan &Me while waiting for our food.
(I dont have fugly strech marks on my arm, I dont know why the picture turn out to be like that)

Us with our food! Look at the bowl. Its super duper HUGE!

Li Bing &Si Ling with their food!

Wakame Udon

Unagi Bento


Niku Curry

My Udon

Ebi Tempura
(Super crispy, super delicious)

Mochi Potato

And then they bought me a...

Macha Ice Cream Cake

Cousins :D

After dinner, Menghui drove us to Jurong Entertainment whereby we caught the movie, Get Smart. I was half asleep &I dozed off after half an hour of the movie. Had a super long day in school you see. Anyway, I would like to thank all of them for giving me such a wonderful birthday celebration/surprise. I should have expected it when Li Bing suddenly asked me if I want to have dinner with them together.

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