Last week in a nutshell

Monday, March 29, 2010

Last week was a hectic one.

Monday - Went back to TP to collect my testimonial. (FYI, it was almost 8pm after I reached as I rushed over after work. Luckily, my colleague was kind enough to give me a lift to Bedok). I had mixed feelings especially while walking on the slope. Its the exact slope that I run up everyday when I am late for school. The rows of benches along L2 of Business school where late nights were spent there doing projects and all.

Wednesday - Went to APM 2010 at Expo as my company had a booth there. Met some of our supplies. It was a wholesome experience. Rushed down to PS to meet my 6 lovelies where we had dinner at The Cafe Cartel followed by 5 super excited girls trying out nail polishes at Etude house. As already had nail polish on, Andeline &Stephenie were very kind, when I said very kind I mean it because they allowed me to try so many different colors on them. Thank you babes! Got 3 nail polishes &then we went for drinks at Starbucks. It feels so good to just catch up with friends, talking about the good old times especially now that I'm working and hardly have any spare time.

Polaroid is ♥!

My super duper awesome ribs! Its so juicy and tender, which in my opinion is nicer than Tony Roma's.

Thursday - Met up with Annie sis for a short while. Omg, I havent seen her for so long! Am happy for her that she's working in a prestigious company which pays her well. Lucky her! Its indeed nice to meet up with close friends whom you can share your heartfelt thoughts with. I dont know but I can only talk about anything under the sun with a few people. Maybe its just me.

Friday &Saturday - On both days, I went over to my cousin's house to help with the preparations including the wedding montage (video), diy stuffs (ang pow box &basket) + finalizing my script (I'm the emcee you see, apart from Lixuan).

Sunday - THE BIG DAY! Woke up at 5am &Uncle came to pick us up. Once we reached my Aunt's place, the make up artists got down to work &after which, we got into our dresses. Everything was so fast. Off my cousin went to pick his bride and it was the tea ceremony. Following which, we headed to The Oriental where the wedding lunch is being held at. The wedding suite is really big &posh! We reached Aunt's place at close to 5pm and I think I reached home close to 9pm. I was so exhausted. No photos yet because I am in the midst of editing them, not that I have many but the photos lighting really sucks to the core. Was be posting them up as soon as I can.

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