Resort World and Chinese New Year

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been sick since the eve of Chinese New Year. &Its really awful to be down with sore throat &flu. Everything I eat nowadays is tasteless. ):

So this is what I have been up to lately. Went to Resort World last Friday. I finally got my stuffs from Victoria's Secret. I love their undies. Its so adorable! I remember I ordered before online but I got the wrong size &it ended up being too huge. Now, I dont have to worry because I can get them anytime from their outlet there! Anyway, I got two cutesy undies and a lipgloss. The lipgloss smells like vanilla which is my favorite flavor. (: I shall do a review on it soon.

Anyway, I was really really really disappointed firstly, the store aint as huge as I imagined and they didnt carry a huge variety, neither do they carry a huge assortment. Everything is pretty limited and so is my choice. I would really appreciate if they bring in more stuffs say fragrance sets and bras!

More pictures below. You would have probably seen these if you had check out my photos in Facebook. For more pictures, just go to my Facebook.

Hard Rock Hotel
I love the canvas prints they have in there!

A magnificent view

Universal Studios

And.. Chinese New Year which consists of good food and company, lots of red packets and fun!

Dont ask me why do our faces look so huge because.. Elvin is a huge fan of taking big face photos.

Siling &Me
Gosh, check out those eyebags. Its scary. No makeup, no wonder!!

Ebony &Me


Sashimi, Abalone with kimchi, tempura prawns, roasted pork, sotong ball, scallop and Korean hot pot.

Other food not featured includes Korean cabbage egg soup and sushi etc.

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