Finals are over!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So I had my finals and its finally over. But, I am experiencing mixed feelings. Why? Because this is a transition - from school to work. Not to mention uni applications which I highly doubt I would ever get into. But nevertheless, everyone says just try. I mean.. I dont like to deceive myself because I know my GPA is not there yet. &I know evenutally I would be wasting all the application fees. Well well well.. &Speaking of jobs, I have an offer to be an assistant merchandiser for a luxury watch retailer but the salary is very meagre. Its the experience that I will gain. Arghs. &The worst thing is I have to make my decision by tmr. Am weighing the opportunity cost. Meagre pay = Experience + Job title, Good pay = none of those mentioned earlier.

I havent gotten my CNY clothes yet. &I seriously doubt I can get it on time. But thats okay because I have a few dresses which I have not worn as of yet.

I wanted to get a concealer because my Lancome one which comes in a pen form cant pump anymore out and I was like contemplating between either Bobbi Brown or other alternatives. But since gf was trying out MAC foundation shades at Sephora Ion Orchard, I checked out the concealers &guess what? I walked away with a concealer and a brush cleaner. I had wanted to get the brush cleaner quite sometime ago after reading good reviews of it online. I was so tempted to get the MAC 224 brush &I even decided to go ahead with the purchase because the make up artist told me that I could use it both as a concealer brush &for blending the crease even though its priced hefty at 53bucks. I was sold when I heard that. But but.. to my disappointment, they run out of stock!!! I was so so sad. Then I thought, maybe I just not fated to get it. Then we pass by Tangs where gf wanted to try the foundation shades again, &I thought why not just try my luck and ask if they have it. Guess what? They had it! Gosh, I was so happy. The queue for payment was so long and I browsed and pick up the kohl pencil sharpener too. Got that because I had problem when using my Bodyshop sharpener to sharpen my MAC kohl eye pencil. As in the kohl would be out of shape and its not sharp enough. Does anyone experience this as well?

See? That's why people say, a girl walks into the store with the intention of getting one item but leaves the store with more than what she initially planned. Are you guilty of that girls?
Now that I think back, even though I finished building my brush collection but now I want professional brushes like MAC. But they are really expensive. Oh, actually I could have gotten my cousin or friends whom are studying overseas to get MAC brushes for me but well, that doesnt provide me with instant gratification and in-store experience! Haha. Too much of studying.

Anyway, here's my haul from MAC. &It just burnt a big hole in my pocket. The cosmetic industry is really good at making girls broke.

MAC brush cleaner, concealer, 224 brush &eye pencil sharpener

Happy 3 Friends!
My poly life would not be complete without you two!

And.. pineapple tarts which Mommy dearest made for Chinese New Year! (:

Check out the four leaf clover one. Its done by yours truly!!

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