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Monday, September 07, 2015

shop taobao with 65daigou

Hands up if you shop online! If you find yourself nodding avidly, chances are that you probably heard of Taobao, China's largest E-commerce site. If you haven't, I'm sure you will fall in love with it because they have almost everything on their site, from clothes to furniture and household appliances. 

Why I love shopping on Taobao

I first discovered the wonders of Taobao last year when I got 10 items via 65daigou consisting of 4 dresses, 2 tops, 1 shirt, 1 top & skirt set, a ring and a pair of earrings for $126.06 including shipping, agent fee and insurance! Click here to read about my 65daigou Taobao haul last July.


With more and more friends getting the keys to their BTO flats, it is not surprising to hear Taobao being mentioned as the place to source for household fixtures such as lamps, light switch, water tap, clothes rack etc.

Convenient & Wallet-friendly

Shopping on Taobao is not just convenient for people with busy lifestyles like yourself and myself but it is also a lot cheaper than getting it off the rack from retail stores. What's more, you get to pick out unique items that is not available locally yet.

There's no reason not to shop on Taobao unless you are worried about the shipping rates that might be incurred be it through Taobao direct shipping or forwarders.

Why 65daigou?

1) Cheaper shipping rates

taobao vs 65daigou

To buy from Taobao, you can either purchase directly from Taobao sellers or use a shopping agent such as 65daigou.

Based on my previous buying experience with 65daigou, they helped to repack and consolidate my orders which helped me to save quite a bit on shipping. Besides that, 65daigou provides cheaper shipping rate for economy air and sensitive air. For bulky items, they provide sea shipment too. If you need your items urgently, they provide express air via DHL which takes only 1-2 days starting from $4.

2) No need to liaise with sellers in Mandarin

For those of you whom are not well-versed in Mandarin, you will be pleased to know that 65daigou does the job for you be it communicating with sellers on your behalf on any special instructions on your orders.

3) Inspects your item and ensure item received is correct and in good condition

No more receiving wrong items be it the size or design or an item with defects as 65daigou help to inspect item in China before shipping it to Singapore. If there are any defects or mistakes, 65daigou will inform you and do the exchange with the seller before shipping your items to Singapore which helps to reduce any additional shipping cost that might be incurred due to exchanges.

4) Friendly customer service team

During my previous shopping experience with 65daigou, when one of my item went out of stock, 65daigou's staff contacted me to inform me about it promptly so that I can decide whether I want an alternative or to proceed with the rest of my order. 

5) User-friendly website

Buying from Taobao has never been easier than with 65daigou. Simply copy and paste the URL from Taobao to 65daigou and click on EZ-buy! For more information, check out my tutorial on how to shop Taobao with 65daigou below.

6) Mobile app tracking

Besides, 65daigou has a mobile app that allows you to track your parcel on-the-go, how convenient is that!

7) Collection points all over Singapore

If you wish to save on local postage, you will be pleased to know that 65daigou has over 130+ collection points all over Singapore!

How to shop Taobao with 65daigou

1) Visit world.taobao.com and search for the item that you wish to purchase.

2) Copy the URL of the item that you wish to purchase.

how to shop on taobao with 65daigou

3) Paste the URL on 65daigou.com and click buy for me.

how to shop on taobao via 65daigou

4) After selecting color, size, click on add to cart

how to shop on taobao using 65daigou

5) Check out and make payment via iBanking/ATM/Credit Card/PayPal

6) When item arrive in China, submit to ship.

Now excuse me while I continue to shop on Taobao. Stay tuned for my Taobao haul via 65daigou!

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