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Friday, September 04, 2015

clear sk eyeglow treatment 2

Stressed out by school or work? Been having late nights to catch up with deadlines or that TV series? If you find yourself saying yes to either, chances are that you probably are bugged with dark eye circles or eyebags.

While my concern is not so much on dark eye circles, I must say that I'm pretty much bugged by my eye bags even though I always try to console myself by telling myself that they are aegyo sal.

Read on to find out how ClearSK Eye Glow Treatment helps to reduce eyes puffiness.

clearsk medi-aesthetics pacific plaza

After filling up the indemnity form, I was brought into ClearSK treatment room by my therapist of the day.

For those of you whom are into Audrey Hepburn, you will be pleased to know that one of ClearSK treatment room is done up in Audrey Hepburn's theme - think classy, sophisticated and elegance. I like how ClearSK treatment bed comes with soft thick quilt that keeps me warm and made me feel comfortable during the treatment session.

clearsk pacific plaza

Prior to ClearSK Eye Glow treatment, my therapist cleansed my face.

clearsk eyeglow treatment

After which, she brought me to the next room to have my photos taken, similar to that of a photo studio where you get your ID photos taken.

clearsk eyeglow treatment before and after

The first step of ClearSK Eye Glow treatment consists of Light & Heat treatment which helps to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness around eye area.

clear sk eyeglow treatment 2

Following which is the Radio Frequency treatment which tightens and smoothens the skin around eye area.

clear sk eyeglow treatment 3

And the best part of the treatment is none other than the eye massage with ClearSK Award-winning Laser Tight Repair Serum for eyes and moisturizing eye mask! The massage was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

The treatment ends off with my therapist applying Laser Tight Repair Serum for eyes and 3D Enhanced Sun Shield.

After the treatment, I was served tea and I left ClearSK with less puffy eyes!

clear sk eyeglow treatment 4

ClearSK Eye Glow Treatment is recommended to be done once a week or fortnightly for maximum results. Since it takes only 45-60 minutes, it is the perfect lunch time fix!


Enjoy ClearSK Eye Glow Treatment at $68!*
* Valid for 1st time customers only

ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics Pacific Plaza
Scotts Medical Center
9 Scotts Road #07-06
Singapore 228210

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