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Thursday, January 14, 2016

la belle eyelash extension

There's little ladies won't do in our quest for long, fluttery lashes. We would spend hours in beauty salons to get an eyelash perm or eyelash extension. Gone are the days when you can tell if someone had eyelash extension done. Thanks to technology, the latest beauty craze is 6D silk lashes! 

You might ask, "Why silk lashes?"

Silk lashes look more natural, make eyelashes appear fuller and fluffier. It is recommended for ladies whom have very thin eyelashes that have trouble supporting the weight of fiber lash.

la belle eyelash extension review

Prior to my eyelash extension session at La Belle, I was served tea while Wind shared with me on the styles and degree of curl that La Belle provides for eyelash extension. 

la belle eyelash extension 1

la belle eyelash extension
Personally, I always go for sexy style when it comes to eyelash extensions as I prefer the elongated look.

Unlike the usual beauty salons in Singapore that only provide J curl, C curl etc, you can choose from either 30°, 50°, 70° or 90°. As I prefer a more natural look, I chose 30°.

After discussing on my lash preferences, my therapist brought me to the treatment room for my eyelash extension session.

la belle eyelash extension 2

Here's my therapist working her magic on me.

la belle eyelash extension 3

Here's a couple of before and after pictures of La Belle Eyelash Extension.

la belle eyelash extension before and after
L: After, R: Before

la belle eyelash extension before and after 2
L: Before, R: After

The entire eyelash extension session took approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

eyelash brush

Wind gave me an eyelash brush which can be purchased at La Belle for $15 to comb through my eyelash extensions so that they will remain neat and fluttery.

la belle eyelash extension blogger review
with my friendly therapist!

On New Year's Day when I went out with my maternal family for lunch, my cousins commented that my eyelash extensions looked very natural. They even thought that I have had lengthening mascara on! 

la belle eyelash extension review

la belle eyelash extension close up
close-up of La Belle Eyelash Extension

I really like how convenient it is after having eyelash extensions on as I don't have to put on eye makeup. I just have to have my double eyelid tape on and I'm good to go be it for that date night with my significant other or that day out with my girlfriends!

La Belle 6D Silk Eyelash Extension $198

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