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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

miacare confidence

Available in Confidence Brown and Confidence Black, Miacare Confidence is a perfect mix of health and beauty, providing long-lasting comfort for your eyes. It is also the world's 1st silicone hydrogel circle daily contact lens.


Dot Matrix Color Printing Technology


The colorants are distributed evenly on the lens, creating clear air tunnels to make circle lens even more breathable.

The denser outer rim and sparse inner rim blends with your eyes naturally, making them look bigger and more vivid.

Unique Color Blocking Technology


The tri-layer printing technique secures the colorants between the two outer layers. No direct contact with your eye. No worries about staining allergies and infections.

Double Moisturizing Agents and Low Modulus


The effect of miacare's advanced moisturizing agents, HA and SA, combined with the lens' low modulus, making the lens feel smooth and less dry, even with extended wearing.

Smart Peripheral Edge Design


Keep the lens perfectly in place over your iris, preventing the decentration awkwardness.

Improved Safety


Deposit resistance, solvent-free formula and UV Blocking Protection

Miacare Confidence comes in a pack of 10 lenses (5 pairs).

miacare confidence review

I love how compact the packaging of Miacare Confidence is that I can slip in into my makeup pouch for staycations or when traveling.

miacare confidence color available

Miacare Confidence comes in two shades, Confidence Brown and Confidence Black. I chose the former to accentuate my typical dark brown Asian eyes.

miacare confidence singapore

Here's how Miacare Confidence in Confidence Brown look like when worn.

Miacare Confidence Brown when worn


What I like about Miacare Confidence is that unlike most cosmetic lens out there in the market, it doesn't dry out my eyes even after prolonged wear. Personally, I have my contacts on a daily basis from morning till night with a maximum of 17 hours.

Plus, as Miacare Confidence lens is very thin, it feels very comfortable when worn. In fact, I don't feel that I have contacts on when I'm wearing Miacare Confidence.

Not forgetting the fact that Confidence Brown looks very natural! I like how Miacare Confidence Brown gives my eyes a soft natural look.


Try Miacare Confidence out for yourself today! To redeem 3-days of trial lens, simply like SweetestSins and Miacare Contact Lens. Thereafter, PM Miacare Contact Lens the following information -

1) Name
2) Mobile Number
3) Email
4) NRIC (ID)
5) Current contact lens brand
6) Color preference for Miacare confidence (either Black/Brown)
7) Select 1 optical store for redemption:
(i) Hirocon (Orchard Road)
(ii) Lens Hub by Lee Heng Group (Commonwealth)
(iii) Go Eyecare (Pasir Ris)
(iv) Prelector Eyecare (Jurong East Street)
(v) Vision & Hearing Care Centre (Jurong Gateway)
(vi) Sunny Eyewear (Far East Plaza)
(vii) Eyecare Studio Optometrist (NEX)

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