Snack guilt-free with Guiltfree snacks!

Saturday, July 04, 2015


While I'm sure most of you have heard of beauty subscription boxes, how about healthy and delicious snack subscription boxes? Well, I haven't personally until I got to know about Guiltfree, a monthly healthy and delicious snack subscription service.





You can expect dried blueberries (my favourite), nuts to granola in your monthly Guiltfree box. The best part is? They add new snacks to their collection every month and you can add those which you prefer to your snack queue so they would be sent to you.

Juicy berries, Simply Pistachios, Power Grains Granola, Cinnamon Raisin Granola

Power Grains Granola, Macritchie Trail Mix, Organic Apricots, Seven Heaven

Macritchie Trail Mix, Simply Pistachios, Simply Apricots, Triple Berry Medley

As much as I try to abstain from snacking, I succumb to temptation at times even though I'm very conscious of keeping myself in shape. I'm known in office for having a drawer full of drinks and snacks. 

guiltfree snacks

My breakfast consists of either oats with fruits, hot chocolate or egg white wrap typically. Now I have an additional choice for breakfast by adding Guiltfree Cinnamon Raisin Granola to plain yogurt.

guiltfree cinnamon raisin granola

guiltfree cinnamon raisin granola yogurt

Perfect for those mornings that I don't have time to grab breakfast before heading to work.

Instead of snacking on cream crackers or other biscuits around 3 or 4 plus, I have other alternatives such as Juicy Berries, Macritchie Trail mix, Seven Heaven etc. 

guiltfree macritche trail mix mid day snack

Snack guilt-free today with Guiltfree snacks!

Use promo code "SWEETESTSINS" to get 30% off your first Guiltfree box today!

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