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Friday, July 03, 2015

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I love shopping. Shopping work wonders, it is therapeutic. If you must know, I was often wowed by the window display at Tangs Orchard when I was a child and I must say that contributed a huge part in me opting to major in Retail Management back in Polytechnic. 
Ever since I started working, I find myself shopping online more and more often as compared to shopping at physical stores as shopping online is very convenient. On top of that, there is a wide variety of products available to choose from ranging from cosmetics, clothes, accessories, food etc. However, a lot of times, I find myself checking out different websites on different tabs in order to secure the best deal.  

Recently, I was introduced to, a Singapore online shopping and price comparison website. Simply search, compare and buy with Priceza! It makes online shopping so much easier and fuss-free!

1) Search  


Search for the item that you wish to purchase. For me, I prefer to click on the product category, eg. Cosmetics.

After that, you would be brought to this page which is organized by product category as well as narrowed down by brands. 

priceza cosmetics

After clicking on Chanel perfumes, you would be brought to the page below that showcases all Chanel perfume that is available for purchase such as Chanel Chance, Chanel Coco and Chanel Allure etc. 

priceza chanel

What I like about Priceza is that it displays different merchants that stocks the item. For instance, if I want to purchase Chanel Chance EDT, upon clicking on the link to Chanel Chance EDT, it shows me the price of Chanel Chance EDT sold by different merchants.

2) Compare

chanel chance compare prices

As you can see, Chanel Chance EDT is $275 on Rakuten and $323 on Lazada.

To purchase Chanel Chance EDT at $275, simply click on 'Go to Shop' and you will be brought to where you can purchase it. 

3) Buy

chanel chance EDT singapore price

Comparing prices online is made so much easier with Priceza. Start searching and comparing on Priceza today!

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