Late June and Early July Cumulative Haul from Watsons, Sasa, Daiso, Korea and Hong Kong

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know I haven't been doing a haul post for a while. That's because I was working previously and I had not much free time to update my blog. But now that I'm not working already, I have more free time which means - more frequent updates! (:

Anyway, here are the items that I have bought in the month of June and July.

Watsons Haul

watsons members +5% haul

Watsons Haul 1:

1) Calypso Natural make-up remover,
2) Watsons Soft Square Puffs,
3) Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Tyin' the Knot! 32,
4) Kate Volume Gel Mascara,
5) Kate Cheek Color PK-1

Over the weekend of 29 June, there was a Watsons sale of 20% + 5% for purchases above $30 exclusive to Watsons members. I walked in to Watsons wanting to get cotton square pads (they are so useful) only but I ended up walking out with more items as usual.

Got the natural make-up remover (they are actually face sponges) so that it would be easier for me whenever I do facials for my Mom.

I got Kate Volume Gel Mascara and Kate Cheek Color because I tried them at Kate Blogger Event and I liked them. Since there was a 20% + 5% sale going on, so I thought why not?

I was looking for my HG Manicare Treating Nail Polish Remover when I saw the new nail polish shades released by Sally Hansen. If I didn't remember it wrongly, there were 3 new shades and Tyin' the knot looked the best out of the 3 to me and I placed it in my shopping basket immediately.

nivea body UV whitening serum spf 22

Watsons Haul 2:

Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 22

I got Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 22 during lunch time last week. I had wanted to purchase Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa as I was having sore throat and this new product caught my eye. I tried it on and it smells good and its not sticky!

W was with me (she's like another Watsons fan) and she urged me to get it when I was trying to resist the temptation. She's fair already but she wants to be fairer. Seems like I really have to be more religious in my attempt to be fairer.

Sasa Haul

silk whitia anti oxidation whitening mask and quick action moisturizing mask

Silk Whitia Anti-oxiddation Whitening Mask and Quick Action Moisturizing Mask

Did I mention that apart from Watsons and Daiso, my other favourite shop is Sasa? I can spend so much time in there!

I have always wanted to try Silk Whitia facial masks after reading how much bloggers like Fuzkittie and other HK/Taiwan bloggers raved about it.

Plus, Sasa was having a Buy-1-Get-1-Free promotion a while ago so I only paid $20.90 for 2 boxes (5pcs/box). If you were to calculate, its only $2.09 per mask which is cheaper than Mandom Barrier Repair Facial Mask which costs $3.18 each. I have yet to try out Silk Whitia facial mask yet but I'm probably gonna try it out before I go to bed later.

Daiso Haul

If you read my blog often enough, you would probably know that I love Daiso! And I can almost never walk out of it empty-handed, only that occasional rare 1% of the time.

daiso haul 1

Daiso Haul 1:

1) Pig Wash Basin
2) Face Ball Roller
3) Formal Evening Party Hairstyle Comb
4) Double side glue tape
5) Volumizer Hair Comb & Petit Clip

I got the wash basin with the initial thought that I could steam my face with it. After getting it, it also doubles up to soak the cellulose sponge as well as to fill water so that I could cleanse my Mom's face after cleansing her face with facial foam, doing facial massages or applying clay mask. Its so handy, not to mention the fact that it cheers me up each time I look at it because its so cute and the color is so striking! (:

The Face Ball Roller is quite effective I would say. However, like I always say, you have to be religious in your facial regimen in order to see a difference. I like to apply Etude House Moistfull Massage Mask on my entire face before using the Face Ball Roller. Do keep in mind to use only upward motions and avoid downward motions as it would make your face sag instead.

I haven't really figured out how to use the Formal Evening Party Hairstyle Comb. I did try a couple of times but I couldn't get it. Am really clueless about hair stuffs. I must say that I am quite fuss-free about my hair. I would just shampoo it and use hair mask on a regular basis and maybe use hair serum occasionally, that's it.

As for the Double side glue tape, its similar to Wonder Eyelid Tape in the sense that its double-sided but its quite difficult to remove it from the packaging and the sides would not be sticky anymore after I remove it from the packaging. At the moment, I think I would still very much prefer Koji Technical Eye Tape as it has an additional flap at the side which you could hold on to while trying to position the tape on your eyelid and at the same time, it prevents the sides from being not sticky.

The last item, Volumizer Hair Comb & Petit Clip is like Bumpits. I really like it as it provides an instant face slimming effect. Its easy to use and time-saving hence I don't see what's not to like about it.

On my 2nd trip to Daiso, I went to the Vivo City branch. I had time to spare as I arrived early for an event and I got two items.

daiso haul 2

Daiso Haul 2:

Empty container and Long Hair Curler 16 S size

The empty container is to store my Lush toner tablets once I have dissolved them. And guess what I found? The same hair roller recommended by Lilian to make my fringe not too flat!

My cousin, S visits Korea once a year or even twice a year never fails to bring back goodies from Korea each time she visits there. As usual, I have only included the beauty products. Here they are.

Korea Beauty Haul

korean hanskin maybelline circle lens haul

Korea Beauty Haul:

1) Circle Lens
2) Handmade handphone pouch
3) Hanskin CamCam Eye Love Color Shadow
4) Hanskin Shimmering Baked Shadow
5) Hanskin J Story Glossy Lipstick Girly Orange
6) Maybelline Water Shiny Volumy Pearls Hazelnut Beige 118

Look at the amount of items she got for me! Thanks Cuzzy! I have only asked her to get the Maybelline Water Shiny Volumy Pearls 118 because it ain't available in Singapore.

I only you girls must be wondering what's inside those boxes right? Here are the close-ups!

Hanskin CamCam Eye Love Color Shadow

hanskin camcam eye love color shadow

My cousin said that this color is the 'IT' eyeshadow color in Korea right now. Other warm colors like orange and pastel colors are 'in' as well.

Hanskin CamCam Shimmering Baked Shadow

hanskin camcam shimmering baked shadow

Smokey eyeshadow, I like! In fact, this reminds me so much of Kate Dual Carat Eye Shadow. I love the fact that it doesn't have a divider between the two colors so I can blend both colors together just like the way Kate Dual Carat Eye Shadow works.

Hanskin J Story Glossy Lipstick (Girly Orange)

Hanskin J Story Glossy Lipstick

My cousin bought this for me because I said that I liked Dara's lips in her ad for Etude House - Miss Tangerine campaign.

Maybelline Water Shiny Volumy Pearls Hazelnut Beige 118

maybelline water shiny volumy pearls 118

Whenever I'm bored, I like to surf GMarket Korea or Payeasy. Most of the time, at least an item would catch my attention and it is not available in Singapore. Not to mention that direct shipping to Singapore would cost too much for that particular item. Isn't it contradicting that I love to complain that there are a lot of beauty/makeup brands that ain't available in Singapore and that it is so hard to get them unless I'm travelling overseas or there's someone whom is willing to buy on my behalf and yet I still expose myself to Nu Ren Wo Zui Da variety show, magazine, MUA, HK/Taiwan beauty blogs?

Anyway, back to the topic, when I first saw Maybelline Water Shiny Volumy Pearls Hazelnut Beige 118 in GMarket Korea, I wanted it so bad. But shipping was so expensive even if I were to get like 5 - 8 items and I didn't want to join a spree because it would take so long.

Don't you all think that Maybelline Water Shiny Volumy Pearls Hazelnut Beige 118 looks so good on the model?


It is more of a neutral shade of brown with a little bit of pink. Initially, I was worried that it might make me look more mature. But when I put it on, it looks like MLBB. It looked so natural. It contains shimmers which makes my lips look more 3D and a little more pouty. Texture-wise, it is very glossy and it glides on very well! To sum it up in 3 words, I love it!

Hong Kong Beauty Haul

My bestie, C went to Hong Kong recently and she got me these...
hong kong beauty haul
Hong Kong Beauty Haul:

1) My Beauty Diary Aloe Vera Mask
2) My Beauty Diary White Pearl Mask
3) Kate Volume Gel Mascara

I don't think My Beauty Diary Masks need any further explaining as most of you should know that they are my favorite! I love the Aloe Vera one as its moisturizing and its good for acne/pimples/outbreaks especially during the time of the month. It does help to lighten acne scars a little as well. I haven't tried the White Pearl Mask before but it is meant for whitening! Can't wait to try that out.

Oh, it was so coincidental that C bought Kate Volume Gel Mascara for me too! She said that it was because she remember me saying that I like it. I kept the one that she got for me and exchanged the one that I got from Watsons for something else because I didn't want it to go to waste. I have no use for 2 exact same mascara anyway.

That's all for now. I hope you girls like this post for it took me quite a while to do everything up.

Till then.


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