Kate Bloggers' Contest Prizes + Freshel Moist Lift W Cream Review

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hi lovelies, for those of you whom still remember my post on Kate Bloggers' Event, I am happy to announce that I won the blogger contest. I just wanna say that I am really thankful to each and everyone of you for voting for me. Your support means the whole world to me.

Here is a sneak peek of what I have won.

To show my appreciation to my readers whom have been so supportive all these while, and also because its my birthday month, I will be holding a giveaway consisting of Kate products as well as other goodies. Good things are meant to be shared! So do stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway. You won't want to miss it, trust me.

Aside from the Kate goodie bag that I received on the second week of June, Cheryl from Kanebo has also kindly included a goodie bag with products from Freshel as I was unable to attend Kanebo Freshel Bloggers' Event held on 2 June due to other commitments.

For those of you whom are unfamiliar with Freshel, here is a little background information on the brand.

About Freshel

Freshel was first incepted by Kanebo in 1992 and launched their first whitening line in 1993. With an increasing focus on self-select skincare brands all across the region, Freshel has always stayed true to their brand philosophy, which is to provide skincare solutions for women at affordable prices. The brand's concept was renewed in 2009 with the intention to provide instant penetrating and multifunctional skin care for busy individuals. This renewed brand concept differentiates Freshel from other self-select skincare brands in the market with their multi purpose products that provides care for all skin types. As a skincare brand, Freshel is one of the few Japanese skincare brands to formulate BB Creams that is all in one - a beauty essence, an emulsion, a cream, a sunscreen, and a makeup base.

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream after using it daily for about 2 weeks.

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W CREAM BB Cream SPF 23 PA++

What is it:

Instant Finish Perfect Cream, covers pores and promotes a refined skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has proven to be the most powerful ingredient for skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid can enhance the speed of regeneration whose function is to cushion and lubricate skin. Moisture Ingredients [Yeast extract] will soften the skin that hardens from dryness. Penetrating [Adhesive Collagen] and [Double hyaluronic acid] sinks deeply and quickly into the skin.


After lotion application, this highly-functional cream can be used by itself to complete all skincare and makeup steps as it works as an essence, emulsion, cream, UV protection, makeup base, and light foundation.


It contains a generous amount of rich moisturizing ingredients such as adhesion collagen (moisturizing) and hyaluronic acid (moisturizing). The thick but fresh and smooth cream fully moisturizes skin causing it to become beautiful firm skin with a lighter tone. As it spreads well and evenly, all makeup steps can be completed quickly and easily using this cream alone.

- Adhesion collagen (rich moisturizing ingredient)
- Hyaluronic acid (rich moisturizing ingredient)
- Silk essence (rich moisturizing ingredient)
- Yeast extract (keratin softening ingredient)

My thoughts:

I have a few BB creams, the latest being Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream as the 7th one in my collection.

Although I haven't tried a lot of BB creams, I must say that among those that I have tried (be it the full-sized ones or sample pack ones), my favourites are those that are easy to blend into my skin, doesn't feel a white/grey cast and those that are hydrating/moisturizing.

If you haven't already know, I have combination skin. My concerns includes uneven skin tone and a few spots here and there, especially during the time of the month. Taking that into account, I dare say I prefer BB cream that are lighter in terms of texture or those that provides a sheer coverage instead of thicker ones that provides a flawless finish but looks unnatural.

The first week that I tried Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream, I would apply it after cleansing as follow: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion > Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Make Up Serum > Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream > Lancome Mat Finish + Shiseido Integrate Mineral Loose Powder (I mixed the both of them to achieve the color that best suits me).

The second week, I merely applied Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion followed by Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream without using any powder.

Before I go any further, I must admit that my skin has been rather erratic lately, blame it on the irregular work hours, meal break time and staying in office for almost 8 hours everyday. The air con is really harmful, in the sense that it makes my skin awfully dry, especially my eye area which I dare not apply just any other eye care products such as eye cream or eye gel due to my history of syringoma. Its so bad that no intense masking would eradicate it.

Guess which method looks better and lasts longer?


BINGO if you have guessed the former.

The latter makes the area around my nose look super shiny (due to excess sebum) 2 hours after application although it does make my face look quite dewy initially. Hence, I wouldn't really recommend using Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream without setting it with any form of powder. Also, it makes my face appear slightly dry and kinda emphasize my pores when the BB cream 'sinks' into my pores by midday if I did not set it with powder.

Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream reminds me very much of Kameria Baby Face Water Drop Super Moisture BB cream as both of them contain high water content.


- Dewy finish
- Natural
- Easy to blend into skin
- Matches skintone


- Sheer coverage (not ideal for night functions or dinners).
- Nose area start to shine 2 hours after application if no powder was used to set it.
- Not ideal to be worn alone if one were to be in an air conditioned place for the entire day.
- Makes face appear slightly dry and BB cream 'sinks' into pores by midday if used alone.

Here are swatches of Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream.

Apart from that, I would say that Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream is a good product if you use it the right way, as a base instead of using it alone.

Rating (if used alone): 2.5/5
Rating (if used with makeup serum and powder): 4/5

Trust me, there is substantial difference depending on the application method used.

Repurchase: Yes if I am using it as a base and am applying powder on top of it.

If you're intrigued after reading this post, the good news is that you can get either Freshel W Cream and White C Cleansing Oil at a special price of $39.90 instead of the usual price, $57.00 (30% savings) at selected Watsons stores.

Here's the breakdown in case you're wondering.

30% savings! UP$57.00, now @ $39.90!
- Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)
- White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

The promotion lasts from 9th June to 27 July.

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Kate and Freshel products were given to me as prizes for a blogger contest as well as for review purposes resepectively.

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