Day 2: Macau - Macau Mazu Cultural Village, Sands Macao, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Roman Amphitheatre, Macau Tower and The 10th Macau Food Festival

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We had breakfast at the food court within our hotel. Even though it is a food court but they charge café/restaurant prices.

They had a stall which serves Singapore delights such as Bak Ku Teh, Nasi Lemak etc and the boss happens to be a Singaporean. We got a lot of Tim Sum. Yums. I love tim sum.

My favourite Xiao Long Bao!

Double boiled milk egg dessert. The one with yolk is super delicious.

After breakfast, we walked around our hotel and I captured more pictures.

Awww.. I just love the blue sky and the blue canopy water.

Next, we took a cab and headed over to Macau Mazu Cultural Village.

It was up in the hills and it felt really peaceful as one can really sort out his or her thoughts, away from the distractions of busy districts.

That is the entrance. We had to take a shuttle bus up.

Upon alighting, we were welcomed by smoothing music. I kept wondering where did the music came from, only to realize that they had built-in speakers hidden inside the patch of grass as shown above.

Here are some sculptures which have rather intricate workmanship. Those craftsmen whom did them are sure talented!

Guess what I chanced upon?

Wish plaques!

I never got to see them in real life before, but now I do!

After walking for a while, we got to the top where Ma-zu was located.

The sun was scotching hot hence I didn’t managed to take a good picture of Ma-zu. She faces the sea because the people believe that she watches out for the safety of fishermen when they go out to the sea to fish.

I was surprised at how foggy it is. You can barely see the buildings below.

Vandalism or creativity?
Its up to you to decide.

Before going to Sands Macao, we went to Four Seasons Hotel for a walk where I took some pictures.

We grabbed a quick lunch over at KFC when we reached Sands Macao.

I liked the fact that KFC Macau serves grilled chicken. Its super awesome! Even more finger-licking good than its fried chicken counterparts. And they have got criss-cross fries too which are my favourite. It is so hard to find criss-cross fries now after A&W withdrawn from Singapore.

Furthermore, they have baked rice on their a-la-carte menu! Judging from the sides which they serve namely mushroom sauce rice and creamy mixed vegetable rice, I can tell that the Macau people sure love rice as their staple.

Along the way to Macau Fisherman's Wharf, I managed to capture these.

I swear I saw this place in a drama before.

Doesn’t Babylon Casino reminds you of the glass windows as seen in Catholic churches? Well, it certainly reminds me of them.

The design is such that every part of the building differs in color depending on the sun. At parts where the sun shines on the building, the glass would reflect brightly and the building would look as if as it was glistening. And the other parts would appear darker. It is very interesting.

You know, at times, I wish I could slow down and take a walk slowly to discover interesting things in my home country, Singapore. But as you know, I have to step back into reality ultimately. After all, that’s how the world works. You work hard, reap what you sow and then you can enjoy. It is a continuous cycle. I don’t know about others, but once I have made up my mind to do something, I will make sure that I put in my very best to achieve it because I do not want to look back and regret. Why? Because there is no point crying over split milk. So I rather work hard and then I can play hard later on.

So we finally reached Macau Fisherman’s Wharf.

Rock’s Hotel

I love Rock’s Hotel because its faces the sea. And they had a balcony where guests could have their breakfast, while reading newspapers or magazines and enjoying the ocean breeze. Wow, that is what I call life.

And I happen to spot some attap-house inspired resort. It used to be occupied but now its vacant.

You would probably be thinking, “What? Fountains again?” You might not be able to share my immense love for fountains.

But you know what? I really do love fountains a lot, not to mention those with sculptures and you can hardly find any fountains in Singapore, unless you are referring to those outside Ngee Ann City. But I do know of a fountain around City Hall area that has got sculptures on it.

Can you spot the monkey in the picture? I like this kind of rustic, kampong style too. Especially the vases, they sure look like antiques.

While walking down the street, this window display managed to capture my attention.

For those of you whom know me personally or have been following my blog closely, you would know the reason why this particular window display managed to capture my attention – because it is very my style (pearls, filigree prints). In fact, this would be a scene which I would like to recreate if I am given a chance to.

I really like how the entire window display is presented. It depicts a very comfortable home setting where the lady is just sitting down on the couch. You will never be able to guess the nature of the merchandise from this shop.
They sell lingerie!

Now, that’s quite a bit of effort that they put into for the window display compared to other their other counterparts, ain’t it?

And I spotted a prince and princess holding hands.

That is the very naughty me trying to separate them. Haha.

Doesn’t the Chinese wordings on a European style building captures your attention?

Yet another building picture.

Saw Lush again. Seriously, they are everywhere in Macau and Hong Kong.

Went in to enquire for Snow Fairy but they didn’t have it as well. ):

More pictures of buildings.

And yes, that’s the Roman Amphitheatre.

I was quite surprised to see it there because I didn’t know they had one in Macau. However, I was a little disappointed because it looked more orangey-beige than gray.

I really like this corridor. It looks kinda Vienna and I reckon that its good for some outdoor shoots here. Guess what? It is the corridor of a bridal shop. No wonder!

I think these pots looks very interesting and it does reminds me of men in turbans carrying them on their shoulders.

Lastly, a scenery shot of Macau Fisherman’s Wharf before we leave.

Our next destination is – Macau Tower.

Watch the video that I have made below.

They had a see-through floor so you could see the ground below. And yes, that’s my foot and I’m walking on the see-through floor. In case you are wondering, no it isn’t scary at all. It is very fun. In fact, I kept walking on it and even took a video.

Of course I had to take some scenery shots while I am up on the tower. So, here you go.

See how complicated their roads are?


We pass by so many people each day. We come into contact with so many people. But how often do we stop and smile or even say thank you when a stranger makes your day by a small gesture?

For me, I make it a point to thank everyone, even strangers be it when they hold the door for me, bus drivers waiting for me to board the bus or even the lady or gentleman whom sells food to me. Why do I do that? Because without these people, my day won’t be as pleasant, I won’t be able to arrive at my destination and I won’t be able to have my meals.

Everyone plays a part in our lives. So do take the opportunity to thank everyone whom has made your day.

Be careful not to sit on someone’s red, sexy, bold lips! This sofa is so cute right? (:

After that, we went to the 10th Macau Food Festival.

I was so happy because we kept passing by the food festival while cabbing to various places and I finally went. It is all the bright lights' fault because they keep calling out for me!

You have to purchase the coupons as shown below in order to get food.

Yes this is how a typical food stall in the food festival looks like. Are you awed by it? Don’t be because there are stalls which look even better.

Oversized dumplings!

Gelato store with super cute figurines!

I found Share Tea!

Bought Pearl Milk Tea and Honey Aloe Vera

Coca Cola stall.

Judging from the store layout, I can tell that it sure wants to make its presence known.

The crowded food fair

With that, it marks my Day 2 in Macau.

I hope that you liked this entry. Stay tuned for Day 3: Macau and Zhuhai!


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