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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Since Mummy have been on the lookout for a bread maker for the longest time, we decided to get Jooyoung Bread Maker when we came across it when surfing through For those of you whom are not familiar with Jooyoung, they are known for their soy milk maker. We own one of their soy milk maker which Mummy's friend brought back for her from China and it didn't fail to impress. 

Read on to find out what Jooyoung Bread Maker can do!


Jooyoung Bread Maker comes with preset buttons which makes everything so much easier when it comes to making bread, especially for novices like me.


Jooyoung Bread Maker comes with measuring spoons, measuring cups, operation manual, bread recipes, steamer lid and gloves.


The seller that we got our bread maker from included the following complimentary items including electronic kitchen scale, bread knife, bread yeast, egg separator and dish sponge.


For those of you whom haven't shopped on Taobao via 65daigou before, not to worry because I will be sharing how to buy from Taobao via 65daigou below.

1) Copy the link of the item that you wish to purchase from Taobao

65daigou review

2) Paste the link on 65daigou's website and click on Buy for Me

65daigou review 1

3) Select shipping method and warehouse

65daigou review 2

Tip: I chose economy air shopping which is more economical than express air and sensitive air. I placed my order on 14 September 2015 and collected it on 25 September 2015 via neighbourhood collection. For warehouse, I chose Shanghai as the seller is located near Shanghai.

5) 1st payment 

65daigou review 3

For the 1st payment, you will be prompted to pay for your product. The shipping and agent fee will be computed and paid when the items have arrived at 65daigou's warehouse.

6) Top up 65daigou prepay account

65daigou review 5

7) Top up via Internet banking, ATM transfer, Credit card or Unionpay rebates

65daigou review 6

Personally, I use Internet Banking as it is very convenient.

When the items have arrived in 65daigou's warehouse, just click on 'Arrange Delivery' and you will be prompted to select your delivery option as well as to make the 2nd payment.

65daigou review 7

Screen shot 2015-11-01 at PM 03.34.30

For 2nd payment which includes shipment and agent fee, I paid a total of $40.82 after offsetting the $5 credits I have. If I were to include the 1st payment I paid for the product which is $89.21, the total cost for Jooyoung bread maker is $130.03 which is still cheaper than most bread makers out there in the market.

Ever since we got our bread maker, we have been trying out different recipes each week. So far, we have tried making the following - Mixed fruits (cranberry, apricot and raisin) loaf, hot dog bread and red bean (anpan) bread.

Mixed fruit loaf

Hot dog bread

Red bean bread and hot dog bread

Red bean (Anpan) bread

I will be sharing the recipes and step by step instructions on how to make mixed fruit loaf, red bean (anpan) bread and hot dog bread with you in another post.

Before you hop over to shop on Taobao via 65daigou, let me share with you their latest EZbuy service that can guarantee your order’s international shipping fee based on their smart prediction system. This allows you to know the shipping cost before deciding whether to purchase the item!

In case you haven't heard about 11 November, China's Singles Day which Taobao hold their largest online shopping festival, here are some tips on how to prepare your order for Taobao Double 11.

Tips on how to prepare your order for Taobao Double 11:

1) State "1111 sales" in your order remark and 65daigou purchasers will prioritize your orders.

2) State an alternative color/design or alternative item in case the one selected is out of stock.

3) Top up in advance so that you can check out faster on that day.

4) Try to look for products around Shanghai as chances of your order being delayed will be lower compared to those nearer to Guangzhou warehouse.

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