Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20% and Antiage Botofit Cream review

Monday, November 16, 2015

kleraderm antiage botofit review

If reducing wrinkles and fine lines or laugh lines is among your list of skin concerns, you'll be glad to know Kleraderm's Antiage Botofit product line will solve them! Users whom have tried the products before often refer it as non-invasive botox.

One of the main ingredient that Kleraderm Antiage Botofit product line contains is Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 which is a fragment of SNAP-25, an anti-wrinkle ingredient, a substrate of Botox. Studies have shown that by applying this peptide, it is able to reduce wrinkles and wrinkles depth by 30% after 30 days of use.

How does Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 works?

It inhibits the release of neurotransmitters and relaxes the muscles in the facial tension resulting in the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles with regular use. It has been proven that when applied onto the face it reduces the facial tension and movement by paralyzing facial muscles. The peptides protect these fibres from repeated strain placed on the muscles by the numerous expression that are made daily. As a result of less strain is being placed upon the muscles, the collagen and elastin fibres are able to keep up their purpose of keeping the skin smooth and line free, dramatically slowing down the appearance of signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and nasal fold.

Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20%

kleraderm antiage botofit serum 20% review

kleraderm antiage botofit serum 20% swatch

What is it: 
Botofit is the result of an accurate technological and innovative research, based on a hexapeptide that reproduces a botulin-like effect, but without the side effects of botulinic toxin injections. Constant use visibly lessens facial expression lines, especially those on forehead and around the eyes, giving the face new freshness, radiance and splendour.
Apply once or more a day on areas of interest and massage until completely absorbed.
My thoughts:

Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum's texture is similar to that of your regular facial oils, except that it absorbs into skin rather quickly. It has a soothing scent which reminds me of spa salons.

I only apply Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum at night as it allows full absorption of the serum into the skin. During the day, I use Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream after applying my regular toner. The reason why I don't use Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum in the day is because we tend to perspire in the day which leads to dilution of the serum, thus making it ineffective.

Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream review

kleraderm antiage botofit cream review

kleraderm antiage botofit cream swatch

What is it:

Cream with a pleasant texture, a true concentrate of energy, the result of biotechnological innovation and research based on hexapeptide that reproduces the botulinum toxin action. An authentic beauty treatment that visibly reduces expression lines restoring compactness, brightness and giving immediate lifting effect.


Apply a light layer of the cream and massage until complete absorption.

My thoughts:

Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream is rich in texture and have a powdery scent to it. I use this in the day after apply my regular toner.


After using Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20% and Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream, I feel that my laugh lines were less visible. Apart from that, I also realized that my skin looked plumper and my makeup glides on very easily!

I also got Mommy dearest to try out Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20% and Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream and she immediately saw that her wrinkles and fine lines look visibly reduced.

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