Orbis Cleansing Liquid review

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

orbis cleansing liquid review
Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid N Facial Cleanser Moomin Limited Edition Design

What is it:

ORBIS's best-selling product, Cleansing Liquid was born in 1997. It overrides the stereotype of oil-based cleansing, where oil is expected to be a requirement in skin-cleansing regimes.

The term 'Oil Cut', often found in ORBIS' range of products, draws inspiration from the complete disuse of oil in its skincare range. ORBIS hopes this concept will convey the fresh, water-based, smooth and comfortable characteristics its skincare products possess.

- Oil-free
- Fragrance-free
- Alcohol-free
- Free of artificial colors
- Mild acidity
- Allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)
- Non-comedogenic tested (formulated to minimize the risk of acne)

Key ingredients:

- Aqua Cleansing Ingredient

ORBIS Aqua Cleansing Ingredient is an original formula of ORBIS’. It is made up of a blend of three carefully selected cleansing ingredients to target three major tough makeup impurities: foundation, mascara and lipstick. ORBIS Aqua Cleansing Ingredients blend easily with makeup and effectively removes foundation nestled within pores, sticky and stubborn mascara, and lipstick in lip wrinkles.This water-based formula removes makeup without placing stress on the skin. Aqua Cleansing Ingredient quickly blends with water and rinses off easily with a gentle wash.

- Moisture Balance Base

Cleansing Liquid contains more than 30% moisturizing ingredients, including the Moisture Balance Base made up of botanical moisturizing base, three types of amino acids (Serine, Glycine and Alanine which are the fundamental components of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor) and water-retaining Hyaluronic Acid.In addition, due to its oil-free formula, one need not fear losing the skin’s natural barrier that may easily dissolve with oil-based formula. Orbis Cleansing Liquid is gentle and caring on the skin. Skin feels supple after use, no taut and dryness, thus making it suitable for people who experience dry skin.

This Limited Edition Bottle features an adorable Finnish character Moomin that has been popular in Japan and the rest of the world over the years. This dreamy illustration on the tinted pink bottle brightens your daily cleansing routine! Available in two sizes, 150ml and 380ml with different designs.


Dispense 1-2 pumps and smooth over face. Massage gently and blend well with makeup. Rinse thoroughly. Follow by regular facial wash.

May be used with wet hands or on damp face, remove excessive moisture before use.

When Orbis contacted me to try out one of its star product - Orbis Cleansing Liquid that won the 3rd place for 2013 UrCosme best user-rated beauty award and FashionGuide highest user-rated award, I must say that I was very excited to try it out myself to see if it is worth the hype.  

Plus, it also meant that Orbis is now available in Singapore! I had previously spotted Orbis stand alone store when I was in Taiwan, Ximending and I was drawn to its 100% oil cut philosophy.

My thoughts:

Ever since cleansing water hit the shelves in Singapore, I have been using cleansing water to remove my makeup. However, everytime I go for facials, my facialist never fail to ask me to switch to cleansing oil as it helps to remove impurities more effectively as compared to cleansing water. But.. I really didn't like how most cleansing oil make my skin feel tight after cleansing. 

Given the fact that Orbis Cleansing Liquid bears the name of cleansing liquid, I wasn't really expecting it to feel like cleansing oil. When pumped out of the bottle, Orbis Cleansing Liquid is transparent in color. The texture is akin to that of a thicker toner/lotion which reminds me of Biore Hydra Clear makeup remover.

orbis cleansing liquid swatch
Orbis Cleansing Liquid swatch

When smoothed over the face, it does feel like cleansing oil with a lighter consistency. Although Orbis Cleansing Liquid doesn't really emulsify with water, I still smooth Orbis Cleansing Liquid over my entire face, massage gently in circular motions before wetting my hands and massage my entire face again, rinse my face and follow up with my regular face wash.

Orbis Cleansing Liquid has a light pleasant scent to it. I like how it doesn't make my skin feel tight after cleansing nor break me out although it takes a little longer to remove waterproof eye makeup as compared to using cleansing oil.


ORBIS Cleansing Liquid, $22.90 (150ml) $42.90 (380ml)

Available at ORBIS counters while stocks last.

Orbis Robinsons Orchard
260 Orchard Road Singapore 238855
10:30am – 10pm
Nearest MRT station: Somerset

Orbis Junction 8
Bishan Pl Singapore 579837

Nearest MRT station: Bishan

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