HABA Squalane Beauty Oil review

Sunday, March 09, 2014

haba pure roots squalane
Haba pure roots squalane

What is it:

Saturating squalene, which is already present in various tissues of the human body, produces Squalane, an essential constituent. HABA has developed a high purity of squalane (99.9% pure), made from the liver of deep-sea sharks containing a high percentage of squalene. Because of the high purity there is no fear of harmful oxidation and application protects from ultraviolet rays and moisturizes to prevent dryness and chapping which results in a finer, more textured skin. It softens the skin drawing moisture from lotion deep into the skin cells.

Relationship between Squalane & skin
There is a close relationship between squalene / squalane and the human body. Normally 3% of squalane and 12-13% of squalene are contained in the sebum, located in the surface of healthy skin. However, the secretion of sebum reaches its peak between the ages of 15-18 and begins decreasing rapidly after age 25.

Excessive washing is another cause of decreasing squalene and squalane in the skin's protective coating. Recovering the loss of squalane and squalene is vital for healthy skin.
Beauty efficacy of Squalane
Squalane helps other applied ingredients, such as lotion, to penetrate deep into the skin. Softening the skin Squalane is an important part of healthy skin because it helps to keep the skin soft.
Other effective usages of Squalane:

- Acne care,
- sun damage/light burns,
- dark spots/freckles,
- hair care,
- keratinized elbow/knee/heel,
- scratches/frostbites,
- mosquito stings and hemorrhoids.

1) Face wash

2) Apply toner/lotion

3) Apply HABA Squalane Beauty Oil 

- Start with one drop.
- Take a small amount in the palm of your hand while skin is still wet with lotion.
- Lightly apply to the palms of both hands.
- Spread lightly over face.
- Use the entire surface of your hands and apply well by spreading evenly over the entire face

Hair care: For moisturized and glossy hair, apply the proper amount after shampooing.

Body care: For velvety smooth skin, rub the proper amount over elbows, knees, heels

After-shaving care: Refreshes skin after shaving and keeps skin healthy.

haba squalane

My thoughts:

haba squalane review
Haba Squalane

HABA Squalane Beauty Oil is fragrance-free. I like how the packaging allows me to dispense the exact amount of product that I need. For Haba Squalene Beauty Oil, a little product goes a long way. I usually apply about 2-3 drops each time.

I like how I am able to use Haba Squalene Beauty Oil in the day prior to makeup application and how it makes my skin look glowy yet not oily.

I realised that after applying Haba Squalene Beauty Oil, it makes my skin more firm and bouncy. And if I were to apply it at night, I wake up to plump skin the next morning.

Best of all, Haba Squalane Beauty Oil doesn't break me out.

Besides using Haba Squalane Beauty Oil on my face, I use it on my elbows too to combat dryness. I didn't really like it on my hair though because I think it makes it oily-looking or probably I applied too much to it.

About HABA

HABA is the acronym for 'Health Aid Beauty Aid' which means assisting health and beauty.

Price list:

SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 15ml SGD $29
SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 30ml SGD $49
SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 60ml SGD $90
SQUALANE (Beauty Oil) 120ml SGD $165

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