Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant review

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant review
Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant

Located at the 3rd floor of The Central, it is unlikely for one to be attracted to the simple and humble-looking exterior of Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant. Although I dine pretty often in The Central whenever I meet up with my friends as well as my family on weekends, Mitsuba didn't quite ring a bell when Vivian raved about how awesome the food is.

I knew I had to check out Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restarurant when not one, but three of my fellow blogger friends, Vivian, Verlyn and Joyce raved about it. Plus, Verlyn told me that it is very reasonably priced too!

Now, tell me who wants some reasonably priced Japanese food?

Both Juilet and I weren't that hungry to begin with so we decided to order some small bites to share while the other girls had their sake don which is their absolute favourite and must-have everytime they go to Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant.

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant salmon sake don
Sake Don (Salmon Don), $20

Juilet and I ordered Salmon Sashimi and Ikura Chawanmushi to share and we also ordered the Tamago Sushi to share among the 5 of us.

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant sashimi
Salmon Sashimi

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant ikura chawanmushi
Ikura Chawanmushi (Salmon Roe Chawanmushi), $8

I read reviews on how some people ordered the Ikura Chawanmushi and they prefer the normal Chawanmushi to Ikura Chawanmushi still as they thought that the taste of the salmon roe overpowers the egg's.

I don't normally go for Ikura Chawanmushi as I usually order Kani Chawanmushi whenever I eat out in Japanese restaurants. The first bite was a little confusing as I had no idea what to expect from having salmon roe. The outside of the salmon roe is quite firm but when you bite into it, the juice oozes out. It tastes a little 'fishy', similar to that of raw oysters. I found myself enjoying it more as I had subsequent bites of them. The Chawanmushi was good too, soft and smooth.

I have tried making Chawanmushi at home but its nowhere near the standard of Japanese restaurants. I read somewhere online that the secret to making good Chawanmushi is to add sake and chicken stock. 

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant tamago sushi
Tamago sushi (Egg sushi), $3 for two

Word has it that Mitsuba's Tamago sushi when downed, creates a gastronomia experience - so great that it made people cry!

Although Mitsuba's Tamago sushi didn't make me tear, I like how the tamago is done - soft and very sweet. It is easily one of the best tamago that I had before. 

If there's one thing that you must order when you visit Mitsuba, I say it would be the Tamago sushi. 

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay
Singapore 059817

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay

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