UNA Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch (Promotion till 6 Sep)

Sunday, July 19, 2015


UNA, Spanish restaurant's Summer Series includes Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch, served from 11am to 3pm. 

Situated at One Rochester, Una offers al-fresco dining. Its Head Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno worked in London's renowned Michelin-starred and award-winning restaurants, Chez Nico on Park Lane, Barrafina Spanish Tapas and Bar and Quo Vadis previously.

Known for serving authentic Spanish cruisine, Una's signature Paella is known to be the best in town. 

una one rochester park

una one rochester

1 Rochester Park can be easily accessed by car or on foot from Buona Vista MRT.

una review

We liked how the menu was designed in newspaper style. Very artsy!

una brunch menu

una one rochester park review

una summer sunday brunch review

After we were seated, we were served Una's signature, Sangria - a mixture of wine and liquor infused with lemon, lime, orange and apple.

Here's my significant other, J enjoying his Sangria.

singapore food blogger patricia tee boyfriend

I have to say that I really like Una for photo-taking opportunities, from the al-fresco dining area to the lush greenery.

singapore lifestyle blogger patricia tee

singapore beauty blogger patricia tee

After settling down, its time to check out what's for brunch! There's two parts to Una Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch - Indoor and Outdoor. They serve salads, fresh seafood, cheese platter and desserts indoors which you can help yourselves to it while grilled items and tapas are served outdoors and you can place an order with the server or personally at the grill section and tapas counter. Do check with the server which are the items you have to order personally at the grill section and tapas counter.  

una wine

Greens and selection from the oven

una summer sunday brunch starters
Greens and selection from the ocean

una summer sunday brunch prawns mussels oysters
Selection from the ocean (Oyster, Red Prawans, Razor Clams and Mussels)

una summer sunday brunch salad
Cucumber with watermelon & mint
Seafood salad
Green beans, soft-cook eggs & tomatoes basil
Potatoes, red onions with grilled tuna
Aubergine with anchovies & tomatoes seeds

The green beans, soft-cooked eggs  & tomatoes basil as well as cucumber with watermelon & mint are my favourite for the greens.

Selection of Cheese with Crackers and Menbrillo

una summer sunday brunch cheese
Selection of Cheese with Crackers and Menbrillo

From the grill

una summer sunday brunch from the grill
Grill Station with Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno at work

We aren't big eaters to begin but we got carried away by the items on the menu. Here's what we ordered. 




una summer sunday brunch chorizo
Chorizo & Cider

We like how flavourful and juicy the chorizo is when you sink your teeth into it.

una summer sunday brunch dory
Salt cod fritters

The salt cod fritters had a light crisp to it with moist soft flesh beneath.

Selection of Cheese with Crackers and Menbrillo

Eggs Station

For eggs, we went with Una's Signature Egg Benedict (J's favourite) and Spanish Tortilla Aioli which recommended by our server.

una summer sunday brunch egg benedict
Una's Signature Egg Benedict

We thought that the bonito flakes added an interesting twist to the traditional egg benedict. We particularly liked how the tuna was done and paired with the egg benedict. 

Spanish Tortilla Aioli



The Spanish Tortilla Aioli reminds me very much of rosti! It is very rich in flavour, so much so that I was surprised that when I googled, no cheese is used in the making of Spanish Tortilla Aioli. It gets a little filling after 1/4 of it so it would be good to share with a dining partner. Initially, when they served this, it had me wondering where are the eggs. Turns out that egg yolks are used to make the aioli.

Grill Section

We settled for the smoked quail and tiger prawns. We really wanted to try the meatballs and chicken wings but we were so full by then. 

una summer sunday quail
Smoked quail


I haven't tried quail meat prior to this and interestingly, the meat was softer and squashier than what I thought it would be. Even though it was well-marinated with spices, I have to say that quail meat is still not quite my cup of tea. 

una summer sunday brunch grilled prawns
Tiger Prawns

The tiger prawns were huge and succulent though and we appreciate how it is de-shelled for diners' convenience. How thoughtful! 

Last but not least, what's brunch without desserts? 

una summer sunday brunch desserts
Dessert selection

For desserts, they have got Panna cotta, Banoffee pie, Bitter Chocolate mousse, Cheesecake, Fruit tart and Fruit platter.



Panna cottta, Banoffee pie, fruit tart and Bitter chocolat mousse

Of the desserts that I tried, I found the Banoffee pie to be the best. Its not too sweet and I like how the crushed biscuits at the bottom adds a little crunch to it. 

While I don't usually fancy chocolate mousse, the Bitter chocolat mousse at Una is really good. It is rich yet it doesn't make you feel sick of it after a few bites.

For those of you whom can't wait to give Una Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch a try, I have some good news for you! They are having a promotion from now till 6 September.

SG50 promotion

From now till 6 September 2015, enjoy UNA Summer Sunday Buffet Brunch at the following price:

Adult: $50++ (U.P $88)
Top up $38 (U.P $48) for free flow of Wines, Cava, Sangria & soft drinks

Child (6-12): $38++ (U.P $48)
Top up $8 for free flow of juices & soft drinks

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
6773 0070

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