Washoku Goen: Pocket-friendly Sumibiyaki, Japanese Charcoal Grill at Vivo City

Saturday, August 08, 2015

washoku goen food republic vivo city

Brought to you by the same people behind Udon Goen, you can expect Japanese BBQ and Singa Style BBQ (catered to the locals' palate) at Washoku Goen.

The difference between Japanese BBQ and Singa Style BBQ at Washoku Goen is that eel sauce is used for Japanese BBQ while homemade Japanese BBQ sauce is used for Singa Style BBQ. Chicken, pork and beef is available for Japanese BBQ while only beef is available for Singa Style BBQ.

washoku goen vivo city review

Customers can view their meat order charcoal-grilled 'live' by the grill master. You can be assured of quality because the grill master only start grilling the meat after an order is placed. The secret behind Washoku Goen's meat being flavourful and tender is that they are marinated overnight and basted with sauce while grilling thus sealing in the juiciness of the meat. 

Similar to Udon Goen over at Food Republic Wisma Atria, Washoku Goen serves Katsu Curry Rice too!

washoku goen food republic vivo city review

As usual, we were spoilt for choice. I mean, there are so many dishes to choose from! I don't know about you but whenever I'm in doubt, I ask for recommendations either from the Chef or the server! If not, I will go with the house special. 

After much deliberation, we settled for Sumibi Chicken Original Curry Rice which is one of the most popular dish in-store as well as Sumibi Big Rice so that we can try different meat grilled to perfection.

The grilled chicken in Sumibi Chicken Original Curry Rice and Sumibi Big Rice is identical. The only thing that sets them apart would be the fact that Sumibi Chicken Original Curry Rice comes with curry sauce.

sumibi chicken original curry rice
Sumibi Chicken Original Curry Rice, $7.90

I like how Washoku Goen paired Sumibi Chicken with Japanese curry. In fact, I prefer the charcoal grilled chicken to the chicken katsu. 

sumibi big rice beef steak sumibi yakitori sumibi beef
Sumibi Big Rice (Beef steak, Sumibi Yakitori and Sumibi Beef), $23.80

The chicken was good but the steak was even better. I love how juicy and flavourful the steak is that made me pop slice after slice into my mouth. Aside from that, the pork slices had a great and healthy flame-grilled taste to it. I also like how they paired boiled vegetables to go along with Sumibi Big Rice to make it a more balanced meal.

I would say that the portion of Sumibi Big Rice is ideal for 2pax. Even though I was there with my significant other, J, we couldn't finish everything that we ordered. That goes to show how generous the serving at Washoku Goen is!

washoku goen menu
Washoku Goen Menu

Washoku GOEN
1 Harbourfront Walk
VivoCity #03-01
Food Republic (Stall 23)
Singapore 098585

Open daily from 10am to 11pm

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