Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence review

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm sure Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence ain't unfamiliar to many of you as it took by a storm when it first launched in January 2012. I mean, I have heard so many of my friends, both blogger and non-blogger ones talking about it. Some of them were raving about how awesome it is, even to the extent that its their must-have and that they can't do without it. Besides, my friend whom works in the beauty industry told me that Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence is similar to that of Lancome Genifique. On the other hand, there are some of them whom said that it broke them out and that its the worst product that they have ever tried. 
If you must know, I for one am quite selective of the products that I try. For products that I ain't confident of, I mostly do a patch test at a small area at the side of my cheeks to see if its suitable for my skin. I learnt that from past experiences after certain products broke me out.

Honestly speaking, I don't really have much faith in Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence because it broke one of my friend out and she happens to be allergic to products that contain alcohol. I was afraid that it might do the same to me since I'm allergic to products that contain alcohol. But guess what? Not only it didn't break me out, it works very well with my regular moisturizer in plumping my skin!

At Loreal Paris White Perfect Laser Range Launch itself, it says that Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence is a boosting serum. This means that you can layer your regular moisturizers or emulsions on top of it. While I'm not too sure about the boosting part, but I realize that if I were to apply my moisturizer without Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence, my face won't be as smooth or plump the next day.

Every time when I try out something that is suitable for my skin, I like to test it out on my Mommy too (to pamper her and to see if it works the same on her skin). So I applied toner/lotion > loreal youth code pre-essence > my regular moisturizer on Mommy dearest for 3 days consecutively but not for the 4th day (I can't remember why, probably she was already asleep by the time I reach home from work).

On the morning of the 5th day:

Me: Mommy, why is your face so dry today?
Mommy: Even you realised it? It must have been the fact that you didn't apply anything on my face yesterday night.
Me: Are you kidding me Mommy? Its just for a day!
Mommy: Yea, the Loreal essence is not bad. I quite like it because it helps to moisturize my face so that it doesn't look so dry. 

See? Even Mommy approves of Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence! Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence, you ought to be proud of that since my Mom is a brand convict. Once she likes a brand or product, she uses it for years and seldom test out new products unless her daughter (me) pesters her to or gets it for her.

The only flip side would be the packaging. Its really hard to pump out the serum from the bottle itself and you gotta pump a few times to get the amount of serum that you need out.

Price: $29.90 for a 30ml bottle

Disclaimer: Loreal Youth Code Pre-essence was given to me for consideration when I attended Loreal Paris White Perfect Laser Range Launch.

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