Strivectin Photo White Booster Serum and Day lotion SPF 30 review

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hi lovelies, it has been a while since I blogged about the StriVectin WH™ Photo-White Event and I thought that I would share my thoughts on both the StriVectin Photo White Booster Serum and StriVectin Photo White Day Lotion SPF 30 since I have tried them out for a while.

Strivectin Photo White Booster Serum

I like the fact that this serum does not feel oily and that it doesn't make my face shine after applying it.

Word of caution - avoid the t-zone area if you dont want it to look shiny after a few hours!

I have incorporated Strivectin photo white booster serum into my skincare regimen for more than 2 weeks. So far, I noticed that my skin tone became more even and slightly fairer, about 1 shade using my make up base/tinted moisturizer for comparison because I look more tanned after applying my tinted moisturizer!

Some whitening serum react strongly when applied over breakouts and might even aggravate the condition. So far Strivectin photo white booster serum hasn't given me this problem yet.

I don't have much age spots but I certainly have some awful post-acne marks and they are an eyesore, well, at least to me. Although Strivectin Photo White Booster Serum claims that it can lighten age spots, I secretly hope that it could lighten my post-acne marks. While it did lighten my post-acne marks a little, I guess it still better to use a spot corrector to correct spots as that is meant for that purpose.

Who will like this?

People whom want to achieve fairer and more even skin tone and whom don't have a lot of age spots, post-acne marks or any form of pigmentation.

Who will not like it?

I wouldn't say who won't like this in particular but I guess for those whom are looking for a product that can help to lighten specific areas that has pigmentation, this won't be the product that you are looking for.

Strivectin Photo White Day Lotion SPF 30

This sunblock doesn't contain PA nor ++.

When applied, it doesn't feel oily but it doesn't give the matte look that I am after. To make my skin look matte, I usually apply loose powder over it. Did I mention that I have been wearing lesser and lesser makeup these days? I think that if the condition of your skin is good, you need not apply so much products. This will allow your skin to breathe.

Here are some pictures of my bare face (left and right) before and after using Strivectin Photo White Booster Serum and Day Lotion SPF 30 after a period of 2 weeks plus.



If you were to ask me which product do I prefer between the two - it has got to be Strivectin photo white booster serum.

Disclaimer: Products featured were given to me for review purposes.
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