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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Given the fact that our feet bear the weight of our entire body throughout our daily routine, there's no reason not to pamper them. Its a fact that most ladies tend to neglect their feet. Before you start to shrug pedicures off totally, I'll let you in on a little secret - most guys tend to check out ladies' feet. This is because to them, if the lady has nicely manicured feet, it means that she would take care of herself as a whole and won't be lazy.

This massive haul all began with an innocent remark that I made to my colleague, Randi when I spotted her awesome nails which was painted in frosted black. She told me that the frosted black polish is from China Glaze and I started telling her how excited I was about the China Glaze Capitol Colors The Hunger Games collection and before I knew it, she consolidated our orders and our orders arrived in about 1 week's time which was really fast!

The first item that I got is:

Pedicure by OPI soak


Pedicure by OPI scrub


I normally soak my feet with Pedicure by OPI soak first, followed by scrubbing my feet with Pedicure by OPI scrub before filing my feet with a foot file.

The only product that I haven't tried about the Pedicure/Feet OPI range is:

Feet by OPI Callus Therapy


Did I mention how much my Mom loves the Pedicure by OPI soak and scrub? Apparently, I caught her using them for a DIY pedicure a couple of times recently!

I also grabbed two bottles of nail polish along with my purchase. Am currently into blue and green tones.

Essie School of hard rocks


OPI I have a herring problem


Aside from the items that I got from the spree above, here are some pedicure and foot care related items that I purchased recently and I thought that I would share them with you anyway.

Sally Hansen Face Acting Polish Remover


As the opening of the bottle is really huge and I ended up making a mess each time I try to pour the nail polish remover out, I decided to transfer the nail polish remover into the nail polish pump bottle that Ruby got for me from Beautyasia 2012.


The last two items that I want to share are from Daiso.

1) Moisture Foot Care Mask
2) Gel Cream


I hope you like this post! Thanks for reading.


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