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Thursday, October 13, 2011

sleeping pack

Some people call them sleeping pack, others call them sleeping mask.

While I'm pretty sure that many of you are familiar with them, allow me to explain what are they to those whom aren't.

What exactly is a sleeping pack/mask?

Its a gel-based mask which you could apply prior to sleeping and rinse off the next morning. The goodness of it would penetrate into your skin while you are sleeping and your skin will thank you for that extra boost of moisture, firmness or brightening effects depending on the type of sleeping pack/mask used.

What prompted me to do this impromptu post was that it suddenly dawned onto me that I have 6 sleeping packs/masks while I was tidying up my vanity table. Plus, I had many readers whom told me that they swear by sleeping packs/masks due to how convenient they are.

While I haven't gotten a single sleeping pack/mask myself, as most of them are either gifts from my cousins (they are huge fans of Korean skincare) or press samples, I must say that I am contended with my collection of sleeping packs/masks. Among them, I have moisturizing ones, acne-control, lifting, pore-tightening as well as whitening plus anti-wrinkle!

I have been asked umpteen times by many readers, "Do one apply sleeping packs/masks only at night before sleeping?"

The answer is no. You can apply it anytime you want. At times when I feel that my skin is too dry and I need that extra boost of moisture, I would apply either the Etude House Moistfull Massage Mask or Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX and leave it on for about 1-2 hours before I wash it off.

I have reviewed a couple of sleeping packs before. Here's the link: Tony Moly Dual Effect Sleeping Pack Intense Repair and Dr Tony Pore Clear Tightening Sleeping Pack.

Aside for that, I am gonna share my thoughts on 2 other sleeping packs below.

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

This was given to me by my cousin, LB and LX whom went to Korean not long ago.

The scent of this sleeping pack is just as what its name suggest - apple. Honestly, it smells so nice that while I had it on my face, I couldn't convince myself that I wasn't having an apple literally. The smell is exactly that of an apple while you're chewing on an apple.

AC actually means acne-control. While I can't really say much about its acne-control properties because I don't have acne. I must say that I love it for its brightening and moisturizing effect!

And.. who can resist the packaging? Its so cute! If only I have Snow White and 7 little dwarfs figurines, I will definitely place them beside my Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack for a picture for I reckon that would look so cute!

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes

The Face Shop Raspberry Slim and Lift Sleeping Mask

This is given to me by my cousin, S whom loves Korea and Korean skincare products a lot.

One of my friend, L loves this sleeping mask too! She said that its probably the best sleeping mask that she have ever used.

I realised that this helps to reduce my pore size and its rather moisturizing too! What's more, the scent is rather light and doesn't irritate or make my nose sensitive!

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes

I hope you girls enjoyed this impromptu post that I put up especially for you all as I will be on hiatus for a while due to personal commitments.


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