Saturday, June 05, 2010

A trip down to Haji Lane with an old friend of mine, M made me experience much deja vu feelings. Firstly, it brought back fond memories of 1st Avenue. Secondly, I remember I used to go there for ice cream at Plurk with my girlfriends. And next to Haji Lane is Arab Street which I used to frequent for craft supplies and lovely indie bangles.

I really love Haji Lane. Think retro, vintage. Saw a cutesy green polka dot dress which screams nothing but pretty. But the thing is - its too loud for work. Aside from that, I saw this lovely trench dress with ruffles! OMG, I just love ruffles because its so victorian! And there's like this tuxedo dress which looks so classic and it simply reminds me of Marilyn Monroe! What's even better is the prices of the dresses along Haji lane ranges from $39-$89 for dresses which is so affordable. Think local designers/exclusively imported clothes at a steal!

I dont know why, but it seems to me that its easier to relate to old friends. Its like you can simply talk your heart out and rant incessantly. Probably its because we know each other for a longer period of time. What say you?

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