Retro themed DnD makeup look featuring Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

Saturday, April 06, 2013

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If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen pictures of my outfit for my retro-themed company dinner, also known as dinner and dance (D&D or DnD for short). What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 'retro'? To most of us, it would be chunky plastic earrings, polka dots etc. I googled for some reference and guess what? Retro actually consists of big bold prints like squares, huge dots and anything that shows a huge contrast. To my surprise, vintage fashion is considered as retro too. 

I was part of the planning committee for my company's D&D this year and I even bumped into my poly mate, Su at Hilton Singapore where my company D&D was held.

All of the girls in the committee be it whether they are performing or not had their makeup done by a professional make up artist while yours truly did my own makeup. Its not like the make up artist that they hired charges ridiculously high prices, in fact her charges are really affordable. If I never remember wrongly, its about $35-40 for both hairdo and makeup. However, I am really skeptical of having my makeup done by just any other make up artist because I have got hidden lids and most of the time, make up artists love doing the outer 'V' for me just like how they would on people whom have got double eyelids and it just make me look super fierce and unfriendly.

I googled for some inspiration for retro makeup looks and there are a few prominent features that I noticed.

Retro makeup look features:

1) Red bold pouty lips 
2) Heavy, thick winged black eyeliner
3) Mole (I supposed this is drawn on)
4) Bright or nude eyeshadow with deep contouring 

Since my dress is in royal blue which isn't that bright afterall, I decided to play it up with my makeup by using brighter colors. Guess what? I haven't had a chance to try Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette since I received it from the launch event and I thought this is the perfect chance for me to try it out.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

retro dnd 3_retro eye makeup for retro dnd make up for ever technicolor eye shadow palette
Black, Yellow, Apple Green, Turquoise, Lilac, White, Espresso, Yellow Beige
It certainly took me a lot of courage to wear such bright colors. If you know me personally, I'm like your typical French - always donned in my black and whites with the occasional gray and navy and my eyeshadows are always nude - either brown, pink or gray.

I remember telling my colleague, Lei Sing how ridiculous I am gonna look as I was doing my make up. I initially planned to use yellow, espresso and yellow beige eyeshadow to do my eyes but somehow, I mustered enough courage to use Yellow (1), Turquoise (2) and Yellow Beige (3) eyeshadow to do my eye makeup instead.

I applied yellow eyeshadow on my entire lid as a base with my Crobi eyeshadow brush and turquoise color at my outer 'V' with Sigma E30 pencil brush. I did it lower and made my eyes look longer, as how most Koreans or Asians in general does it. Then, I blend the turquoise inwards, when mixed with yellow, it becomes a beautiful green! Lovely gradient I must say! This reminds me so much of my art classes when I was a child!  

retro eye makeup for retro theme dnd

retro eye makeup for retro theme dnd

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette eyeshadows are very pigmented. I merely applied a little and the color payoff was rather good. I had no trouble blending the turquoise into the yellow eyeshadow with my Sigma E30 pencil brush.

Click here to view pictures taken at Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette launch event.

I'm wearing Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-Day in Winsome Brown in the picture above. These ain't as comfortable as their monthly disposable counterpart. They tend to shift around my iris. I'm unlikely to repurchase them. For falsies, I used All belle Red Wedding series false eyelashes. I highly recommend this! Its very soft, give your eyelashes more volume yet it doesn't look too fake.

Here's a picture of all of the products that I used for my retro makeup look for my company's DnD! 

makeup used for retro theme dnd
1. RMK creamy polished base
2. Esprique lucent lasting base
3. Chanel mat lumiere
4. Za concealer perfection
5. Bob powder
6. Make Up For Ever sculpting kit
7. Benefit coralista
8. Etude House secret beam highlighter
9. Kate brown collection
10. Shu Uemura Hard Formula H9
11. Make Up For Ever Technicolor
12. K-palette real lasting eyeliner
13. Elite tapis rouge
14. All belle eyelash fix adhesive
15. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Roseberry
I'm very much of a base makeup person. I can do without eye makeup or lip makeup on regular days but not base makeup. You will at least see me with BB cream or tinted moisturizer on weekdays. On weekends, I never leave home without sunblock. 

Speaking of base makeup, I want to introduce you all to a few of my favourite base makeup products that I have been using recently as well as for the retro makeup look that I did for my company's DnD. 

Esprique Lucent Lasting Base UV 50

retro dnd 5_kose esprique lucent lasting base UV 50

I think I'm down to more than half of this tube. Esprique Lucent Lasting Base is a blue color makeup base. I read that blue makeup base corrects yellow skin tone. I usually mix Esprique Lucent Lasting Base with those foundations that are thicker in texture such as Chanel Mat Lumiere or DrGL Foundation in the ratio of 1:1. This makes it easier to blend as well as brighten up my skintone and give a soft glow.

Holy grail? Definitely yes! 

Bob Powder

retro dnd 6_bob powder

When I commented on how dewy my colleague's skin looked, she told me that she's using shimmering powder. I was quite skeptical initially because I don't want to risk looking like a disco ball. The last time I swatched Revlon's Photoready foundation, I was so put off by the sparkles. She recommended me Bob powder and passed me a new one to try. 

Its quite translucent and the shimmering effect is still pretty much acceptable for day use. I like the fact that I can just blot my face at the end of the day with tissue and touch up with Bob powder and I'm ready for that dinner date. The only downside is that its probably not easy to get it in Singapore because my colleague got it from Taiwan. 

Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter

retro dnd 4_etude house highlighter 1

When my cousin asked me what I want from Korea, I told her to get me Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter. I use my good old trusty MAC 224 Blending Brush to mix all of the colors together to highlight my nose bridge. To create pouty lips, I mix the white and beige together with a cotton bud and apply it on top of my cupid's bow.

Now onto my outfit of the day - 

singapore beauty blog sweetestsins by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee retro dnd outfit dress
Retro theme DnD outfit

1. Royal blue polka dot dress, Bugis Street
2. Black heels, Studio Tangs
3. True vintage gold butterfly buckle red belt, handmade
4. Blue plastic earrings, Bugis Street
5. Red scarf as headband, friend's
When we decided that the theme of the company dinner would be Retro, most of us could relate to 播音人/bo yin ren (Right Frequency), a Chinese drama telecasted in 1998 by the then, TCS (now Mediacorp). The most prominent and memorable cast member from the drama is 程美光/Chen Mei Guang played by 歐菁仙/Ou Qing Xian (Sharon Au). 


She's always in very bright colors and her signature look consists of big chunky plastic earrings as well as headbands. I still remember that her favourite line in the drama is, “我是播音人人人人人~”。Having said that, I think it is evident that my inspiration for my outfit of the day came from her. 

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the girls getting all dolled up for their dance performance.

First, the makeup artist started with hairstyling. She did the same hairdo (teased crown updo) for all of them except for Rachel because she has got short hair. 

Retro hairstyle

retro dnd company dinner make up and hairstyle by make up artist

After the makeup artist finished all of the girls' hairdos, she proceeded to do their makeup. 

Retro makeup

retro dnd company dinner make up and hairstyle by make up artist 1
1. Eyebrow shaping
2. Base makeup
3. Applying eyeliner
4. After makeover
5. Close up of the finished makeup look
We all agree that the makeup look that the makeup artist did for Siew Chong is very elegant and classic, kinda reminds me of Dita Von Teese!

The makeup artist uses mostly eye and lip makeup from Coastal Scents and the false lashes that she use are handmade lashes from 三棵树。My personal favourite false lashes from 三棵树 is #217, they look super natural. Its highly raved by Taiwan beauty bloggers too!

Here's how all of the girls look after their makeover!

retro dnd company dinner make up and hairdo by make up artist after makeover

I feel that I am transported back into time just by looking at them. Sometimes I wonder if life is more stress feel then? I mean, people looked happier back then, they dress in brighter colors and they seem to have more fun and have more time for themselves. 

retro dnd company dinner retro costume retro outfit
Me with the guys. Elvis maybe?
singapore beauty blog sweetestsins by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee retro dnd outfit dress 1

retro dnd company dinner performance girls female retro costume retro outfit

retro dnd company dinner performance guys male retro costume retro outfit

retro dnd company dinner performance girls female retro costume retro outfit 3


We were all very happy that our hardwork paid off because we could tell that everyone enjoyed themselves that night.

Thanks for reading. 


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