Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lots of late nights? Break-outs? Fear not, with the correct usage of concealers, you can easily conceal dark eye circles and pimples or scars.

The more common concealers would be skin-toned ones. At a point of time, I was really contemplating to get green concealer to 'cover up' my pimples. Yes, girls can be that vain. I remember I bought my first concealer, Za Perfect Concealer in 2005 when I was 17. At that point of time, I really had not much make up knowledge and I just got the brand that seemed more popular among teenagers which is Za. Hence, just wanna share a little information about concealers, or rather, what I know, so that you girls could benefit from it.

Za Perfect Concealer

As I had normal skin back then, my face was clear with occasion zits. Hence having a few pimples was a big deal to me. However, I don't remember using this concealer for long. I mostly use it to conceal my pimples, that's all. FYI, I don't really use concealer on an everyday basis, just on special occasions or when I'm doing a full face. And guess what? I actually read an article online which says that attempting to conceal a pimple which has not healed fully would actually worsen the condition!

I used to use 2-way foundation from Za and I Nuovi back then, hence I rarely use concealer because I didn't see the need to until one day I realized that I needed concealer to conceal pimples again. It was then that I got I Nuovi Perfector.

I Nuovi Perfector

It is very much of a creamy concealer which turns a little powdery after application. I used this to conceal my pimples as well as dark eye circles. I remember Xiaxue recommending this brand on her blog. It works pretty well. I remember being excited about it because it can cover blemishes and my dark eye circles pretty well, much better than the Za one.

As concealers were not part of my must-have makeup, I would have a concealer at a point of time and I would be without one at another after throwing the previous one away after its expiry date. FYI, the average lifespan of concealers is about 3-6 months for a wand-type and up to 12 months for others.

There came a day when I was at Tangs with my colleague &we were just randomly looking at makeup. I stopped by Lancome and was intrigued by Lancome's Flash Retouche Brush On Concealer.

Lancome Flash Retouche Brush On Concealer

It was in a form of a pen which is very compact and I can carry it around whenever I go. It had a built-in brush which makes application easier. Furthermore, it gives good coverage by covering my dark eye circles well as well as blemishes. Besides, its super hygiene because at the tip of the concealer, there is a push button which releases concealer when pushed. You can control the amount of concealer you want before using the brush to evenly spread the concealer out. What's not to like about it? I say, I love this concealer! If I never remember wrongly, it costs about $40+. But wait, its a good investment!

I seriously contemplated getting a second Lancome Flash Retouche Brush On Concealer after I finished my previous one. But another part of me wanted to try other brands. You know how the people you are with, place you are at affects what you buy. Even the advertising and promotion the brand does and the salesperson's personal selling skills affects what the buyer's final purchase. And so, I was out with C and J after our finals. We were at Sephora Ion Orchard's MAC counter because C wanted to get new foundation. I was looking at the brushes because I wanted to get MAC 228 and MAC brush cleaner. I don't know why but I ended up looking at concealers because I needed one to conceal my dark eye circles and the occasional blemishes. The MAC MUA tried Mac Select Moisture Cover on me and I was sold!

Mac Select Moisture Cover

It really could reduce the puffiness my eyes had and my blemishes. The MAC MUA even applied three strokes to each side of my face and finished up with loose powder. She told me that it could even replace my foundation. C commented that it looked flawless. Guess what? I ended up getting the MAC concealer and brush cleaner, as well as 224 brush from Tangs because they ran out of it at Sephora Ion Orchard. The 224 brush can be used to apply/blend concealer as well!

Tell me what do you think if you have tried any of the concealers which I have mentioned above. Or if you have any good concealers to recommend, do let me know! I hope you girls liked this post and have learned or benefited from it!

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