Double Eyelids

Monday, June 07, 2010

We all know that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. A person's thoughts can be ascertained just by looking into his or her eyes.

Therefore, having double eyelids is on the top of my wish list ever since I was young. I remember that my eyes would become two lines whenever I smile for photographs. Yes, it is that small. And what bugs me even more when I became a teenager and even up till now is that – I feel that all girls with bigger eyes look prettier!

And so, I have tried all means be it double eyelid tape (apparently this does not work for me), double eyelid clip (does not work either) and double eyelid glue (which is the only one that have work for me till date). The best double eyelid glue which I have used to date is Eye Talk by Koji.

Koji Eye Talk

FYI, I just read online that there is actually a new type of double eyelid tape called Wonder Tape which is transparent and it claims to be sticky enough for maximum holding power. It is double sided unlike normal double eyelid tapes which are not.

Wonder Tape

And there is this double eyelid stretch fiber which is super thin and apparently, it seems to work well according to the video. I’m so tempted to get it. Have anyone tried it yet?

I always joke with my Mom about sponsoring me a double eyelid surgery. And I seriously contemplated about getting one, until I watched this…


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