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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hello lovelies, we are already into March. Time really flies, no? Have you already made plans for your next holiday trip? Most people around me have started planning for their next vacation and so have I. In fact, I just booked air tickets for my mid-year trip!

A very popular destination among young people, friends, couples or even families for a weekend getaway is definitely - Bangkok. Afterall, Bangkok is a shopping heaven, especially for some cheap shoes and clothes!

Apart from the usual beauty finds you can get from drugstores, Watsons and Boots, today I'm gonna share with you where to shop for cosmetics and skincare in Bangkok as well as introduce you guys to some of the local Thailand beauty brands.

Mahboonkrong (MBK) Center มาบุญครอง
444 Phaya Thai Road
Bangkok 10500
Nearest Public Transport: 
Skytrain: National Stadium 
Subway: Sam Yan

One shopping center that most of you probably won't miss including in your Bangkok trip itinerary would be Mahboonkrong (MBK) Center มาบุญครอง. Mahboonkrong (MBK) Center มาบุญครอง has got 8 storeys (gasps), level 1-3 are clothing, shoes and beauty stores. They also have got a 4 storey Japanese departmental store, Tokyu.

I first came to know about Oriental Princess through thailand beauty blogger, tuniez83's YouTube videos. 
Oriental Princess

Check out my haul from Oriental Princess. 

CutePress to me feels more like a clinical brand. The store was very brightly lit. I did check out their products vaguely and they have got a lot of whitening products for both makeup and skincare. 

Beauty Buffet

Beauty Buffets is one shop that most beauty bloggers won't miss during their Bangkok trip. They carry brands like Gino McCray, Scentio, Lansley, The Bakery as well as Anne & Florio. Popular items that most girls pick up from Beauty Buffet include Gino McCray eyeshadows and Anne & Florio's polishes. 
My haul from Beauty Buffet - 
Anne & Florio

Anne & Florio Glorious Nail Enamel in 71 and B16

Yves Rocher France
Yves Rocher carries mostly body care products. The store layout and brand colors reminds me so much of The Body Shop.

The bulk of the products sold in Karmart is this Korean brand, Cathy Doll. Apart from Cathy Doll, Karmart carries Korean beauty brands like Missha and Yadah. I also spotted the Gold Cacao Pack in Karmart. 
My haul from drugstores, Watsons and Boots. 
You can get No7 makeup and skincare products at Boots. No7 is UK's best selling makeup and skin care range offering hypo-allergenic products. 
The two products that I got from Boots are - 
Pond's Magic Powder Oil & Blemish Control

I saw a lot of Thai girls using this to touch up in the ladies. They would pour some out on their palm and then slap it on their face. Out of curiosity, I asked one of them whom is a student and she said that this is very good for oil control as well as brightening the complexion. So before I knew it, I got myself a bottle at the nearest Boots available. 
Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life

When I got this, Soap & Glory wasn't available in Singapore yet. But I was captivated by its packaging. And since I needed a body scrub, I thought I would try this out and it turns out to be one of my favourite body scrub!
I finished the tube that I got from Bangkok but thank God that Soap & Glory is available in Sephora now. 
Barrier Repair Baby Moist Facial Wash

I got Barrier Repair Baby Moist Facial Wash for my cousin. Although Barrier Repair is available in Watsons in Singapore, I don't see them having facial wash. Since I have tried Barrier Repair Facial Mask before and its not too bad, I thought that Barrier Repair Baby Moist Facial Wash would be worth a try.
Aside from shopping, I love to discover good food be it in my home country or overseas. 

Cafe Kaldi คาเฟ่ คาลดี้
Azuki green tea

The Azuki green tea is a must-try! My cousin recommended me to try this and I love it!
Auntie Anne

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