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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When I was schooling, even though I don't work during the school term, I made it a point to work part-time during school vacations to gain some industry experience. Often, I would look for part-time jobs in Singapore via job portals online using keywords such as "part time jobs singapore" or "part time jobs for students" and that included mass sending of emails, more than 30 of them on average before securing a part-time job of my choice. Very often, it would be either a promoter position in a departmental store, administrative assistant position or roadshow promoter position that pay ranging from $5-$10 an hour.

part time jobs singapore

Finding a part-time job is now much made easier with the Stroff.com portal with 3 easy steps - create an account, log on to the portal and start applying for your preferred part time job.

Back in school, I remember being told by my lecturers that we could source for companies that we are interested to intern at. For my batch, we could choose to serve our internship in Singapore or overseas eg. Shanghai. For those whom didn't managed to secure an internship at the company of their choice, our school would allocate random companies to them. I was among the few lucky ones whom were able to secure an internship with the company of our choice, thanks to my lecturers' contacts. I remember some of my peers emailing or calling companies of their choice personally to ask if they could serve their internship with them. For those whom do not have an idea of the companies that they want to intern at, I remember them telling me that they spent hours googling the terms, "internship singapore" and "singapore internship", hoping to locate a company that is on the lookout for interns. With Stroff.com, securing a Singapore internship is so much easier and more convenient. All you have to do is to create an account and start applying for your preferred internships by logging on to the portal.

internship singapore

I did a quick search on Stroff.com and the returned results included internship opportunities at familiar names such as Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda, Rachel K just to name a few. 

After graduating from polytechnic, I managed to secure a full-time position as a Purchasing Assistant in a shipping company thanks to my experience from my part-time jobs as well as my internship. I still remember very vividly that the HR Manager was rather impressed with my internship company, a local fashion company where I was assigned both in-store operations as well as back-end operations planning.

Remember, although academic results do play a part albeit very minimal, what is deemed more important to your future employer is none other than - your resume! 

Build your resume today with the relevant part-time job and internship experience! 

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