12 Must Eat and Drink in Chatuchak Market

Monday, June 01, 2015

must eat and drink in chatuchak market

Chatuchak Market, also known as Jatujak or JJ Market situated on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, is the largest market in Thailand. It has more than 8000 stalls, separated into 27 sections.

Apart from being the place to go for good shopping bargains, it is a food haven too! From the famous coconut ice cream to chicken noodles, there is bound to be something to satisfy your tastebuds!

1. Coconut Ice Cream

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Chatuchak Coconut Ice Cream

At only 35 baht (approx. SGD1.50), you get a scoop of rich coconut ice cream along with 2 toppings of your choice (sticky rice, nata de coco, peanut, corn or atap chee etc). Some stalls provide complimentary coconut juice too! Definitely a must-try at Chatuchak Market!

Located near entrance of Section 2 (near Kamphaeng Phet MRT station)

2. Noodle Soup with Chicken

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Chatuchak Chicken Noodles Soup

We spotted this stall that sell Chicken noodles soup by chance when we were in search of something to fill ourselves with. Judging by the fact that most of its customers are locals, I knew we were in for a treat and I was right! The herbal soup base is rich and tasty while the chicken is very tender! And guess what? It is only 50 baht (approx. SGD2.01) per bowl!

Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47

3. Roasted Pork, Fried Chicken Wings with herbs and Ngoh Hiang

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chatuchak market blog (6)

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While I'm usually not a fan of roasted pork, I must say that the roasted pork from this stall at Chatuchak market is really good! It is crispy, juicy and very flavourful. Apart from roasted pork, we got some chicken wings and ngoh hiang as well. The chicken wings are very fragrant and crispy, so much so that you can hear the crunch when you bite into it. But what completes it is the chilli it is paired with. It might be a tad too spicy for those whom can't take spiciness but trust me, you will find the stinging of your tastebuds worthwhile. 

Tip: These fried snacks is charged according to weight. A pack like the above costs 140 baht (approx. SGD5.70).

4. Pork Satay

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chatuchak market blog (9)

At only 10 baht (approx. $0.40) per stick, this juicy pork satay will leave you craving for more. Definitely one of the must-try in Chatuchak Market.

5. Giant Grilled Prawns

chatuchak market blog (10)

chatuchak market blog (11)

6. Assorted Fried Food 

chatuchak market blog (12)

7. Fish Ball

chatuchak market blog (13)

8. Sushi

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Craving for sushi? You will be glad to know that you can satisfy your sushi craving at Chatuchak Market too!

9. Chocolate Banana

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Chocolate fudge coated banana with any toppings of your choice. Choose between almond, cashew nut, peanut or rainbow rice. From 35-45 baht (approx. SGD1.41-1.81).

Just a word of caution, as it can get very hot in Chatuchak Market, it is very important to stay as hydrated as possible. Not to worry as there are a lot of stalls selling cold drinks and desserts in Chatuchak market.

10. Strawberry Yogurt

chatuchak market blog (15)

11. Coconut drink

chatuchak market blog (17)

Nothing beats gulping down fresh coconut juice to combat the hot weather!

12. Fresh Orange Juice

chatuchak market blog (18)

Another good thirst quencher in Chatuchak Market is fresh orange juice. These green-colored oranges are so sweet! Sweeter than the normal orange-colored oranges we have back at home.

Although the weather can get extremely hot in Chatuchak, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of drinks stalls available, ranging from local drinks such as Hale's Blue Boy shown in the picture below as well as Iced Coffee and Lemonade. 

chatuchak market blog (21)

chatuchak market blog (19)

chatuchak market blog (20)

We also came across an interesting sight - a mobile ATM and currency exchange in Chatuchak Market!

chatuchak market blog (22)

We were shopping at Chatuchak Market till about 7pm when we heard something being played and everyone around us just stopped in their tracks which we followed suit. After which, I realised that it was the Thai national anthem being played! This goes to show the Thais have remarkable respect for their country!

Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand

Opening hours:
6.00 am - 6.00 pm on weekends

Getting to Chatuchak Market

Mo Chit Station

Kamphaeng Phet Station

Guide to Chatuchak Market

Section 1
Amulets, books, collectibles, food shops, café

Section 2 to 4
Collectibles, home décor, paintings, terra cotta

Section 5 to 6
Clothes, adornments, miscellaneous products

Section 7 to 9
Antiques, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts

Section 10 to 24
Clothes, consumer products, adornments, household appliances, pets

Section 17 to 19
Ceramics, fresh and dry food

Section 22 to 26
Antiques, furniture, handicrafts

Section 27
Books, food and dessert shops, collectibles

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