Est-lab Sunshield review

Friday, July 19, 2013

est lab sunshield review

What is it: 

Broad spectrum UV block with high SPF factor to provide long-lastng protection against sun burn and photo ageing.

Key ingredients:

SmartVector UV - UV sensitive marine DNA micro capsules ensure that UV blockers & nutri-boosters are only released to the skin upon UV exposure for maximum efficacy.

My thoughts:

My first impression of Est-lab Sunshield was that it has got a very sleek packaging. Unlike the usual sunscreen or sunblock, it comes in a pump tube.

estetica sunshield pump tube

The first time that I tried Est-lab Sunshield out, I was quite surprised that it was white in color when you first squeeze it out from the tube but it changes to your skin tone after application just like CC cream!

estetica sunshield swatch
Est lab Sunshield swatch

estetica sunshield swatch on hand
Est lab Sunshield swatch when spread out *Note that this is a heavy swatch*

I wasn't really expecting this from a sunblock because usually at the very most, it would be just tinted that's all.

Below is a picture of me bare-faced with nothing on except for my usual skincare, toner and moisturizer. You can probably spot some scars, particularly under my left eye. I hope that they go away soon. I realised that as I grow older, the healing process for scars takes longer and longer.  

est lab sunshield bared face
Bare face before applying Est lab Sunshield

I did a half face swatch of Est lab Sunshield by only applying it on the left side of my face so as to be able to make a comparison between with and without Est lab Sunshield. 

est lab sunshield before and after
Half face swatch - before applying sunshield and after applying sunshield

As you can see from the half face swatch above, you can probably tell that the side without Sunshield looked more dull, yellowish with slight redness on the cheeks while the other side with Sunshield looked more even and slightly brighter. 

Below is a full face swatch of Est lab Sunshield.

est lab sunshield after
Full face swatch after applying sunshield

In terms of coverage, Est lab Sunshield has low coverage. It is quite sheer when applied but it can be layered on to give more coverage. 

I usually apply loose powder on top of Est lab Sunshield on days when I don't require that much coverage to make my face appear more matte as I have oily T-zone. 

On days when I require more coverage, I apply my regular liquid foundation on top of Est lab Sunshield. 

I like how versatile Est lab Sunshield is as it can be used alone for casual days out or on top of my regular liquid foundation on work days.  


Texture-wise, Est lab Sunshield has got a light consistency. It is also easy to blend. For Est lab Sunshield, a little goes a long way. Personally, I think its easier to apply a little product at a time then layering more if needed rather than applying more product at one go and then having to blend it out. 


Est lab Sunshield gives a dewy look finish.

On weekends, I usually apply loose powder on top of Est lab Sunshield, fill in my brows, apply eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipgloss and I'm all set to head out. 

estetica sunshield review by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee 3
Weekend look
Est-lab Sunshield is available at Estetica E-shop.

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