Beauty Clinic Mediheal Aqua Smart Filler Mask and Collagen Smart Filler Mask review

Sunday, March 31, 2013

beauty clinic mediheal aqua smart filler mask and collagen smart filler mask

Hi lovelies, not sure if you remember me sharing about Leaders Clinic 2 step masks and Leaders Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream last year, I just wanted to share that Leaders Clinic range is now renamed as Beauty Clinic!

I know most of you must be thinking if the change in brand name will affect how their products work? Read on to find out more!

Beauty Clinic 2-Step Collagen Smart Filler Mask

beauty clinic mediheal collagen smart filler mask

What is it:

- Improves elasticity which has been damaged by the external environment
- Contains a filler clinic system fill with elasticity building ingredients such as snail mucus components (mucin), marine collagen, and coenzyme Q10
- Restores suppleness and firmness to the skin.

My thoughts:

There are more and more brands come up with 2 step masks. So far, I have tried Leaders Clinic, Beauty Clinic as well as My Beauty Diary 2 step masks. So what makes 2 step masks different from the regular face masks? 

For Beauty Clinic, 2 step mask consists of 

Step 1: Mask Base Ampoule

beauty clinic mediheal collagen smart filler mask step 1 mask base ampoule

After cleansing my face and applying toner, I apply the mask base ampoule onto my face. Don't belittle this small sachet of ampoule, its more than enough for your face and neck. I usually apply the leftover to my elbows. 

As if the Mask Base Ampoule ain't moisturizing enough, there's still Step 2: Collagen Smart Filler Mask. Generally speaking, I love Beauty Clinic masks. They are made of silk cellulose which fits snugly on my face and I need not worry about them dropping off my face while doing other chores. I usually like to mask and blog at the same time.

After masking with Beauty Clinic 2-step Collagen Smart Filler Mask, my skin feels plumper and the area at the side of my eyes which felt dry and was close to peeling previously felt smoother and did not itch. As I grow older (sighs), I realised that my skin is giving me more problems. I never used to experience dry skin but now, the areas that are prone to dryness are my cheeks and especially the area at the side of my eyes. I also realised that my pores became less visible, probably due to the plumping effect that I get from Beauty Clinic 2-step Collagen Smart Filler Mask!

Beauty Clinic 2-Step Aqua Smart Filler Mask

beauty clinic mediheal aqua smart filler mask

What is it:

- Vitally hydrates dry skin and regenerates skin
- Forms a moisture coating film and induces moist energy deep into the skin
- Improves skin’s moisture-retention ability with a filler clinic system containing moisture building ingredients such as aquaxyl,phyto oligo and ceramide

My thoughts:

I don't know about you girls but normally after masking, I apply moisturizer to 'lock' the goodness of the mask in. However, this time round after I had Beauty Clinic 2-step Aqua Smart Filler Mask on, I didn't apply moisturizer on top of it. After cleansing my face the following day, my skin still looks well-moisturized as if I had moisturizer on the previous day. I noticed that my skin looks plumper and smoother.

Would I recommend Beauty Clinic 2-step Smart Filler Masks?
Definitely yes!

If you really want me to choose 1 out of the 2 Beauty Clinic 2-step Smart Filler masks as my favourite, it will be.... Beauty Clinic 2-step Aqua Smart Filler Mask!

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading!


Beauty Clinic 2-Step Smart Filler Mask is available at SaSa, Guardian, BHG, Sephora ION and MBS.
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