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Saturday, March 30, 2013

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I have been wanting to write this article for a while now. Now that I finally am, allow me to share a bit of history on my hair with you girlies.

The first time that I had chemical treatment done to my hair was when I was in Secondary 3. I rebonded my hair for the first time. I have slight wavy hair then and straight, sleek hair was the 'in' thing then. When I was in Secondary 4, I rebonded my hair for the 2nd time, this time at Jean Yip and during the same year after graduation, I had brown and red highlights in my hair.

I stopped having chemical treatments done to my hair until I was in year 2 of Polytechnic when I spotted a short bob and two tone color in my hair. Following that, it was only in my last year of Uni that I rebonded my hair again somewhere in July and I had my hair colored during the same year in December. And in the following year, I had my hair colored again.

Here's a summary table of all of the hair chemical treatments that I have done throughout these years.

1st treatment 2nd treatment
Secondary 3 Rebonding
Secondary 4 Rebonding Highlights
Polytechnic Year 2 Color
Last year of Uni Rebonding Color
Year after graduation Color

Although it may seem little compared to some of my friends whom change their hair color every few months, but it is certainly damaging, no? So how do I keep my hair in shape especially now that my hair length is almost reaching my waist? Read on to find out more! 

Although I don't quite think that my hair is in the best shape, I have got family members, colleagues, friends and even fellow bloggers whom always ask about my hair. Of all, the most commonly asked questions include, 

"How come the ends of your hair ain't dry?"
"How come you have got no split ends even though your hair is super long?"
"Do you go for hair treatments every month?"
"What shampoos or conditioners do you use?"
"What hair serum do you use?"
"Did you rebond your hair just recently? Why is it so straight?"
"How come your hair is still in immaculate condition even though you rebonded and colored your hair?"

Some even ask hilarious questions like,

"Is your hair real?"
"Are you wearing a wig? Because it looks too perfect."

Well, the most fundamental would be choosing a shampoo suitable for your scalp and a conditioner and hair treatment for your hair type. Dry scalp and dry hair is different. One can have dry scalp but oily hair or oily scalp and dry hair. So make sure you choose the right shampoo for your scalp because trust me, you won't want to risk having flakes on your scalp when you have dry scalp and you use a shampoo that is meant for oily scalp. Before I talk about conditioner and hair treatment, here are some tips. 

Tip #1: Shampoo your scalp first, then your hair
Tip #2: Do not apply shampoo directly onto your scalp. Lather it well with a bit of water, make sure it has got a bit of bubbles before applying it on your scalp. 

Some of my favourite shampoos include: 

1) Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky (good old trusty shampoo that I have been using for ages!)

After shampooing, I cannot stress the importance of conditioning and/or applying hair treatment/mask. No matter what the shampoo claims - either to condition or moisture your hair, you must never skip conditioning or applying hair treatment/mask to your hair if you want luscious, beautiful locks. 

Some of my favourite conditioners include:

For maximum results, I suggest using conditioner and hair treatment/mask after shampooing your hair but if you are really pressed for time, the very least you should do is to use hair treatment/mask after shampooing each time you shampoo your hair. Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference. Here's a tip for you all when applying hair treatment/mask to your hair. 

Tip #3: Massage your hair with hair treatment/mask 

1) Take a small section of hair.
2) Using both of your thumbs, rub product onto hair in a downward motion.

Some of my favourite hair treatment/mask includes: 

1) Mod's Hair Aqua Clear Treatment

Now that I have let you in on my secret to beautiful hair, let me share with you yet another amazing hair product that I have tried recently. 

Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo and Hair Repair Treatment

pure luxury intense moisture shampoo pure luxury hair repair treatment singapore beauty blog sweetestsins by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee

Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo

pure luxury intense moisture shampoo singapore beauty blog sweetestsins by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee 

What is it: 

A truly extravagant daily shampoo that delivers intense moisture & shine. Hair is gently cleansed whilst Pro-Vitamin B5 strengthens dry, damaged areas. Aloe Vera Extract moisturises & hydrates and Avocado Oil leaves hair feeling soft & smooth. Derivatives of Coconut Oil help reduce static and ensure hair looks truly exquisite and full of shine. Ideal for all hair types especially dry and chemically treated hair.

My thoughts:

I was sent Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo so that I can use it together with Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment. I wasn't having too high hopes on it because how different can shampoos be afterall? It smells rather pleasant and the texture of it is richer compared to other shampoos. Best of it is that it suits my scalp! My scalp can be rather sensitive at times and it can't just accept any other shampoos.



Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment

pure luxury hair repair treatment singapore beauty blog sweetestsins by singapore beauty blogger patricia tee

What is it: 

Hydrolysed Keratin helps strengthen hair and Mineral Oils smooth the cuticle to create beautifully soft locks. Silk Amino Acids strengthen weak, brittle hair leaving it feeling healthier & shinier. Frizz is reduced and hair is protected against future heat styling and chemical treatments.

My thoughts:

The scent of Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment is lighter compared to Rich Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo though it smells equally good. I quite like Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment because of its rich and thick texture. I tend to prefer hair treatments such as Mod's Hair Aqua Clear Treatment that have got thick texture compared to those that have got a lighter texture such as Kose Happy Bath Day Hair Pack. Reason being - hair treatments that have a thicker texture are usually richer and nourishes my hair better.

After shampooing, I apply Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment to my hair, starting from the position of my ear all the way down. Then, I massage the hair treatment into my hair (divided into small sections) with my thumb and index finger and rinse by the time I am done with all sections.

After using this hair treatment, my hair feels so much smoother and softer! It also made my hair more 'airy', bouncy (though I don't have curls) or maybe lightweight is the right word to use here.

Would I recommend this?

Absolutely yes!

Yet another holy grail product to add to my list? 

Yes, you bet!



I found a video on Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Collection on Youtube that shows how to achieve fabulous hair with Rich Pure Luxury Hair Repair Collection. You might want to check it out, its quite interesting.

Some of the products that excites me from the video are Rich Pure Luxury Intensive Volume Spray (I can really do with more volume at my roots!), Rich Pure Luxury Maximum Brillance Protect & Shine (I want more shine in my hair!) and Rich Luxury Sure Hold Hairspray.

They even have got styling products such as Rich Satin Professional Titanium Styler, Rich Satin Touch Professional Hairdryer and Rich Satin Touch Large Paddle Brush! Its such a pity that these products aren't available in Singapore yet but I certainly hope they would be soon if not the next best thing would be to order them online.

I hope you like this post! Thanks for reading! 


Price list:

Pure Luxury Hair Repair Treatment $19.90

RICH Pure Luxury Hair care is available at selected aLT@BHG, John Little, and Watsons Stores.

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