The Cubicle Manifesto by Mainak Dhar [Book Review]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I haven't written a book review for years. If memory doesn't fail me, I think the last time was in lower Secondary school where we were made to for holiday assignments. I was over at Popular bookstore over at the neighborhood mall near my Grandpa's place yesterday afternoon after having brunch with a friend when I picked this book up among the rest of Popular's picks/recommendations.

The author mentioned that he wrote this book because he wanted to share and inspire others which made me more interested to continue reading this book. This is because, I love to share and inspire others too.
If you're currently holding an office job, I think more or less, this is the book for you. Personally, I feel that I can totally relate to it. Some of the more memorable quotes include the following -

1) Cubicle dwellers of the world unite.
2) Prisoners eat in their cells, free man do not.
2) Net Present Value of happiness

The story revolves around the working life of Mayukh whom spend long hours in his office cubicle. He seldom lunch out with his colleagues, instead he would have his sandwich in his cubicle. When working, he doesn't pick up calls that aren't related to work. Neither does he go home for dinner. However, there came a day when he thought his computer and Blackberry was infected with virus because messages like, "Prisoners eat in their cells, free man do not" as well as "Just 15 minutes for yourself each day adds up. Do the math, genius” pop up.

I like the fact that the book also talked about having alone/quiet time, something that most Christians would be familiar with. Apart from that, it talks about Mayukh realising that his health was giving way and that he decided to change his lifestyle by exercising, spending more time with his family and having a social life still while at work. In fact, it was that phone call that his wife made to him at work that saved him from something bigger - she called to remind him about his next appointment over at the doctor's.

In short, it talks about the daily snippets of our life that we tend to forget - our family, friends and most importantly - our health.  

You can read the extract of the book here

Let me know if this book interests you! I love reading and sharing good reads with you guys. So share with me too if you have got any good reads too!


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