Kiladoll: Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Diamond Platinum Mask, Rose Moisturizing Mask and Tranexamic Acid Mask

Sunday, May 13, 2012

About Kiladoll facial masks:

Made using 100% silk wood pulp fiber imported from Japan with its ingredients formulated and manufactured in Taiwan. Kila means pretty & shiny in Japanese.

Kila Doll best-selling products include the Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Diamond Platinum Mask, Rose Moisturizing Mask and Tranexamic Acid Mask.

Generally, these mask sheets are rather thin. I guess you could compare these to the 2nd generation of My Beauty Diary facial masks in terms of how thin the masks are. With the mask sheets being thin comes the con that you might tear the mask sheet easily if you are not careful.

Kiladoll Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Functions: Intensive Moisturizing & Brightening, Improves Skin’s Elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid is effective at moisturizing surface skin cells, which prevents water loss and protects the skin from dirt and other pollutants. Kila Doll Hyaluronic Acid Mask helps retain skin’s moisture, giving the skin a smoother and youthful appearance. It provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin and helps improves skin’s elasticity.

My thoughts:

Even before I was sponsored these Kiladoll facial masks, I did purchase Kiladoll Hyaluronic Acid Mask previously and I love how it hydrates my face!

Not only does it help to hydrate my face, it plumps up my skin too! Whenever my skin gets too dry from long hours in an air-conditioned place, I know I can count on this to salvage it. When I suffer from break outs occasionally, Kiladoll Hyaluronc Acid Mask helps to soothe those angry red spots.

Hydrating/moisturizing: 5/5
Soothing: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Patricia says, "I'm definitely adding this to my list of holy grail products."

Repurchase: Definitely yes!

Kiladoll Diamond Platinum Mask

Functions: Intensive Anti-Aging, Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Kila Doll Diamond Platinum Mask contains Platinum Nanoparticles which plays an important role in anti-aging, antioxidant and in moisturizing the skin. Kila Doll Diamond Platinum Mask is specially designed to slow down the signs of aging skin. It also helps repair skin cells and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smooth and younger skin.

My thoughts:

If I were to compare this with Kiladoll Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask, I think I would prefer this.

This is because:

1) Kiladoll Diamond Platinum Mask doesn't leave me with redness on my face after masking.
2) The brightening effect of Kiladoll Diamond Platinum Mask is more visible compared to Kiladoll Transexamic Acid Whitening Mask.
3) Apart from that, it also helps to even out my skintone.

Last Saturday, I had a sheet of Kiladoll Diamond Platinum Mask on before heading out with absolutely nothing on my face to meet my Mom at Causeway Point to get some groceries. When she saw me she was like, "Do you have to use bb cream when you're merely coming to Caseway Point which is just a stone throw away?" I was like, "No mom, I haven't had anything on my face. In fact, I dashed down as soon as you called when I was masking halfway."

Having said that, please bear in mind that no matter what time it is, you will still have to apply sunblock before heading out. Although it was already at night that day, I should still apply sunblock before heading out, especially when I have used whitening products before there so as to avoid having age spots or dark spots in future.

Brightening: 4/5
Moisturizing: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Kiladoll Rose Moisturizing Mask

Functions: Intensive Moisturizing & Brightening of Dull Skin

One of the main ingredients in Kila Doll Rose Mask is Rose Water. Rose Water is well- known for its benefits on skin. Rose water stimulates the circulation in the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin, reducing the appearance of thread veins and broken capillaries. Kila Doll Rose Mask helps to brighten and moisturize your face, keeping your skin soft and supple.

My thoughts: 

Kiladoll Rose Moisturizing Mask reminds me very much of Heme 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask in terms of the scent as well as the texture of the serum.

Scent wise, it might be a little too strong for some to accept.

The serum in Kiladoll rose mask is much thicker than the rest which I don't really fancy as I find that its harder for my skin to absorb.

Brightening: 3/5
Moisturizing: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

Kiladoll Tranexamic Acid Mask

Functions: Intensive Whitening, Even Skin Tone, Spot Lightening

One of the main ingredients, Tranexamic Acid, helps to reduce the pigmentation of skin. It not only acts as an anti-inflammation but also minimize dark spot area due to sun exposure. Kila Doll Tranexamic Acid Mask essence penetrates into the skin to dilute spots and even out skin tone. This mask also helps to reduce fine lines and dark spots, giving you a fresher and brighter skin tone!

My thoughts:

The consistency of the serum in Kiladoll Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask is similar to that of Kiladoll Hyaluronic Acid Mask. This the only mask out of the 4 that has quite a fair bit of serum in the pack even after taking it out from the mask pack.

I haven't been using whitening or brightening products for a while until recently. Although Kiladoll Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask helps to brighten up my skintone, when I use Kiladoll Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask, I felt a bit of tingling sensation at my upper lip area. I suspect that it might be due to one or more of the ingredients inside that is too strong for me. The following day I woke up with redness on my face which seldom occurs. I think this should work fine on people whom don't have sensitive skin. While I don't particularly have sensitive skin, I am not sure why this didn't work for me either.

Brightening effect: 3.5/5

If you really have to choose one mask among all, I say go for Kiladoll Hyaluronic Acid Mask because it is definitely worth your dollars!

Retail price: SGD $13.90/box or SGD $1.60/pc

Kiladoll masks are available at Watsons, Sasa, BHG and Pink Beauty.

Disclaimer: All products are sponsored by Beaute Inn Pte Ltd.
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