ViVi November 2011 Magazine Scans

Saturday, October 29, 2011

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I know I haven't posted magazine scans in a while. I just had to share this issue as it contains has a lot of beauty and makeup-related contents.

This issue features new products from Canmake, Integrate, Wish 30th Anniversary Mook that comes with a Tiffany Blue Diary. This season focuses on soft red lips.

♥ those shoes!

NEW Integrate Eyeliner!

So tempted to get both the brown and black!

Look this look! Her eyes are so mesmerizing!

Lovin' those Toms lookalikes, especially the leopard print ones!

NEW products from Canmake!

- Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream
- Canmake Secret Chiffon Pact

Lovin' that nude lip and kohl rimmed eyes look!

♥ the Anna Sui Miniature dresser!

Kose Hyalocharge lotion extra moist sure looks good!

Love how some girls can carry off that soft red lips and faint brows look!

Japanese girls swooned over iPhone as well.

iPhone is indeed a global product!

I love this section where they always introduce some really nice girly iPhone apps.

Tiffany Blue Diary that comes with the purchase of with 30th Anniversary mook.

Its so pretty and I want it!

Anna Sui nail polishes packaging that resembles a mannequin.

This has got to be my favourite look among all! Red lips with medium defined brows and a bit of eyeshadow. Very soft look yet the lips alone speaks it all!

Everyday sweet girly look!

This kitty hairstyle is currently very popular.
I have seen it in a couple of Japanese magazines.



I hope you liked these magazine scans!


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