Shower Gels/Body Wash

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shower gels

While I do purchase body lotions, body scrubs, I dare say that I have almost never purchased shower gels or rather body wash/foams, whichever you call them.

I pretty much leave it to my Mom to get whatever she likes and I will just use it. Apart from that, I often receive body wash/shower gels from my family and friends as gifts. Probably that explains why I seldom pay attention to them whenever I go to the supermarkets or drugstores.

While I am not picky with shower gels/body wash, I know some of you are and might even have one that you swear by. My point is - What's the shower gel/body wash that you can't live without or that you constantly repurchase and that you would recommend to me or any of your family or friends? Do let me know by commenting on this post! (:


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