DIY Lip Scrub by 柳燕老師, 女人我最大 2011-10-27

Monday, October 31, 2011

I was watching 女人我最大 2011-10-27 搭上青春時光機! 我們要變美變年輕 just the other day and saw that 柳燕老師 demonstrated a DIY Lip Scrub and I decided to try it out for myself to see if it works. I have tried DIY Lip Scrub previously by using Honey + Sugar or simply using a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips.

You can watch the episode below. Credits to wommen84.

In this episode, 柳燕老師 used sugar with a bit of emulsion if I am not wrong. She mentioned that you can mix coarse sugar with anything that contains a bit of oil such as olive oil or emulsion. In my case, I used olive oil with coarse sugar.

exfoliate lips lip scrub

1. First, using a cotton pad soaked with water, place it on your lips to moisturize it. The picture shown above is taken after I have placed and removed the cotton pad. Look how plump and moisturizing they are!

2. Now, for the most important part. Mix the sugar (just one pinch will do) with the olive oil (just 1-2 drops will do) evenly. 柳燕老師 mentioned that sugar has got sharp corners and might prick your delicate skin on your lips, hence its essential that you mix them really well.

After that, massage your lips in gentle circular motions and rinse off well.

3. Apply your favourite lip balm. 柳燕老師 said that its better to use lip balm that contains beeswax as those that contain just wax alone would dry your lips out.

burts bees beeswax lip balm
Patricia's choice of beeswax lip balm.

4. Voila! Better-looking lips! Trust me, they look way better than before. Just that, I don't know why my lips look better and well-moisturized after soaking them with a wet cotton pad (Picture 1).

Have you tried any DIY lip scrubs before? Tell me what you think of it if you did, or if you're going to try it anytime soon yea?


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