Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap: Puff de Cheek

Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember I blogged about Majolica Majorca 2011 Spring Collection: Sugary Trap Puff de Cheek previously? Guess what? They are now available at Watsons!

I was out earlier this afternoon when I saw them in Watsons Bugis Junction and I was so so so excited!

PK301, PK303 and OR302

After swatching them on my wrist, I still think that PK301 and OR302 looks the best as PK303 is too dark. I picked up OR302 initially but then I contemplated for a while and went back to get PK301. I might get OR302 too the next time I go to Watsons. Haha. Talk about being fickled-minded and wanting everything. But, I just love blushers. They are so pretty! If you were to ask me if I will go without blusher, my answer would be no. Why? Because they add a subtle glow to your face instantly! Different colors of blushers gives you different looks.

More pictures of my Puff de Cheek in PK301 for your viewing pleasure. I think that Majolica Majorca packaging is getting prettier, no? They really did outdid themselves this time round.

Did any of you girls get Puff de Cheek? Or what colors are you planning to get? Do share with me yea?


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