New Kindle Ad

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A simple ad which is enough to convey information such as price point (affordability) and its competitive advantage over iPad - to be able to read under sunlight (anti-reflective) purposes.

I have always wanted a Kindle ever since it was first released in the US. I've tried out iPad and I didn't really liked it. Yes, I may own several products from Apple such as iPods (iPod Shuffle which I actually pre-order prior to its release back in 2004, iPod Nano which was a gift from my Mom as well as iPod Touch) and Macbook Pro. But still, I'm not that keen on iPad yet as compared to Kindle.

Just look at the amount of gadgets one have and use for everyday life. I think in this age, we each own at least a handphone (be it iPhone, Blackberry), laptop, mp3 player and perhaps e-book. I wonder how things will change in 10 years time. Maybe someone whom is brilliant enough can come up with an all-in-one product which beats us having to carry 1 or even 2kg worth of gadgets daily. FYI, I almost lost my balance twice today due to my bag being so heavy!

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