Samsung Galaxy Beam

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just when you thought that iPhone and Blackberry were the solution to everything. There comes Samsung Galaxy Beam with a built-in projector. Now, how cool is that? Imagine, I can just save my file/presentation into my card or memory card and present it at any spot with an empty wall. I need not walk into the conference room to look for projectors and laptops.

To say the truth, I am a little sold by Samsung Galaxy Beam. Talk about me having a hard time deciding between iPhone 4 and Blackberry previously. And now, there's like an additional one that I have to decide between. Gosh. My previous solution was to get Blackberry and iPod Touch so I could have all the functions. But then again, why do I need an iPod Touch when I already have an iPod Nano?

Guess its never ending when it comes to gadgets, no?

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